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  1. Thanks a lot, everything is working now!
  2. It looks like I'll be available for a while. So if you are too, maybe we can continue taking a look?
  3. It's down to 7 now but still the same behaviour... Maybe talk again on Monday?
  4. Well, I have now uninstalled sandboxie as well and I still can't enable all components. Maybe it's something else?
  5. I uninstalled VMware workstation but the problem persists. I didn't uninstall vSphere client, it's important to my work and I don't think it would need such access to my system. Maybe the VMware workstation uninstaller doesn't do a great job. I'll keep trying to sort this out and keep you posted. Edit: This is just weird, there's no vmci.sys anymore on my system so that routine should be gone completely
  6. Please let me know when there's an update on the issue.
  7. Sure, could you give me a few minutes to finish something that I'm working on first please?
  8. Please find attached the requested file. Thanks. EmsiClean_2015.03.03_16.25.56.txt
  9. After the recent upgrade, Surf Protection, File Guard and Behavior Blocker are disabled and cannot be enabled. This is true for any of the methods that can be used to enable any one or all of these components (from the icon-> protection status->enable all components, from the icon->protection status-> enable file guard, from the UI->Protection->Activate File Guard, etc). Any clues? Thanks.
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