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  1. Thank you Thomas.I will be sticking with Emsisoft,and EAM OA.
  2. Hello, my license for both apps expires in about 80 days.I have a few questions please 1. Will EAM and OA be supported through 2015 ? 2. A quick glance at the Emsisoft store seems to show to buy both EAM and OA,will cost more to buy than EIS. 3.Will this price difference be changed in the future ( as a package like my current licenses ) Thanks in advance AJ
  3. Thank you Fabian.I will merge licenses and give the new package a try.Do i need to uninstall OA and EAM before install EIS ?
  4. I liked the two seperate programs.Malware,and Armor. And knew my way around Hips. My question is,does the New EIS give me the same level of protection,as the two seperate progs Thanks Andrew
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