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  1. I am getting lots of popups when I surf the net going to legitimate sites, e.g. americanexpress.com, yahoo.com, etc. The message is always about a potentially dangerous file. When I run the file url in Virustotal.com, it invariably comes back benign, including their claim of the result from Emsisoft. I wouldn't mind the popups if Emsisoft would differentiate between, for example, trackers and trojans, Many of these popups just seem to be trackers and some degrade the website if I block them. Often, there does not seem to be rhyme or reason - statcounter.com causes a popup but google tracking does not. How can I tell what is really dangerous? Here are some of the links that cause popups. AR.VOICEFIVE.COM CDN.OPTIMIZELY.COM DA.FEEDSPORTAL.COM DATA.COREMETRICS.COM DEMANDBASE.COM DSPLY.COM LINK.PO.COM MIXPANEL.COM P.TYPEKIT.NET TAGS.BKRTX.COM ZEDO.COM STATCOUNTER.COM I would appreciate your thoughts and advice.
  2. I tested the firewall with Gibson Research leak test. https://www.grc.com/files/LeakTest.exe The leaktest program penetrated the firewall when I used the default settings. It also automatically created a rule allowing future execution. After deleting the rule, when I changed the setting to "Ask" about "Outgoing Connections for unsigned or unknown programs, a pop-up appeared when I tried to run leaktest asking if I wanted to block it. After creating a blocking rule, the firewall nicely blocked execution even if I renamed leaktest.exe to firefox.exe. I know that asking about outgoing connections adds some pop-ups, but how else can I trap programs like leaktest?
  3. After I installed yesterday's Windows 8.1 updates, the fire automatically enabled after the restart. Go figure!
  4. I would appreciate it. My request ID is #BBE-661-50663.
  5. I tried that several times with no sucess. Also "Emsisoft Network Filter" is checked. I have a separate help request that was forwarded to the development team. Should I try unistalled all of my current and past Emsisoft files/ registry entries etc. and try a clean install? If I were to eliminate all traces of Emsisoft software, how would I do that?
  6. I just merged my licenses and installed EIS9 after receiving the email offer. I needed to install, uninstall, and reinstall several times before I was able to start EIS9. It finally started but I am not able to activate the firewall even after uninstalling and reinstalling again. I am running Windows 8.1 x64 on a Dell XPS 8700.
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