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  1. Ill just leave it for now, when I get round to re-installing windows in the future I'll install EIS 1st and then periodically install all my other programs and report back here
  2. Just removed the last of the virtualbox drivers from windows folder and registry, still crashes....
  3. of course I tried the hotkey (it works while the computer is not frozen), and just encased you missed it, my computer still crashes even after closing the installation window after about minute. An active VirtualBox installation would definitely trigger a blue screen? what do you mean? my computer doesn't blue screen it just completely locks up and the only thing for me to do is to hold down the power button. EDIT: if this helps here is a list of all processes that I normally have running... http://pastebin.com/fknrXV7z
  4. Here's a pic off all my networks http://i.gyazo.com/ae564a5e773df7435dd09a2bf20bd1ee.png
  5. When my computer went frozen the keyboard doesn't work at all, for example pressing caps lock don't bring the light up. So I couldn't create the memory dump. Also interestingly when I rebooted and closed the installation window to write you this post my computer crashed again?? so I had to go into safe mode again and uninstall it to write you this
  6. Ran Hitman Pro, MB Anti-Malware, herdprotect and KAS one last time before unistalling. Clean
  7. Nothing there, bare in mind i've restarted after uninstalling emsisoft twice, will installing and crashing again create a log? Id send you my complete installed programs list via PM if thats helpful.
  8. Yes Emsisoft Internet Security (latest version). I can't possibly screenshot the crash as the only input responding at the freeze point is the power switch lol. Is there a log from a textfile a can post>? Windows 7 SP1 with every update. Computer specs: i5 2500k 8GB Muskin Ram AMD 7950 Kingston HyperX SSD
  9. So I'm pretty obsessed with piracy and what not, and after searching around the nets for information Emsisoft seems like the right choice. I'm completely willing to throw down money for it once I tried it fully myself, however I can't get through the installation process, my computer crashes, every other program running on my computer I've hard for months and not one crash. Just to make sure I uninstalled it, oh wait, no I didn't because it crashed/freeze my pc during the uninstall process. After booting into safe mode I uninstalled it successfully then. After that I re downloaded the installe
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