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  1. enable beta updates -> update now -> reboot => nothing changed. Currently, Emsisoft Internet Security is fully up-to-date...
  2. Hello Fabian, Found warning messages in eventvwr: "A TDI filter (\Driver\EfwTdiFlt) was detected. This filter has not been certified by Microsoft and may cause system instability". EventData \Device\Afd \Device\Afd tdi driver path in registry key is correct: HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet\Services\EfwTdiFlt\ ImagePath="\??\C:\Program File (x86)\Emsisoft Internet Security\fwtdi64.sys" is it normal?
  3. some update: By clicking "Use domain user" in Wireshark I see SMB2 protocol, with NTLMSSP_NEGOTITE message (session initialization from my PC to the domain controller), and response from the domain controller "Error: STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE". Inside the NTLMSSP_AUTH payload, I see local user credentials. Local user is not authorized to negotiate SSP sessions to the domain controllers (no kerberos ticket), respectively, "No domain controller" is the correct answer, if GUI is executed from local user.
  4. Ok, understood. I think the problem with the domain user. If I start GUI from the local admin user (shift+right click -> Run as different user) - tab permissions appears. But, when I try to add a domain user (Use domain users), got the error: "There is no domain controller available at this time". My domain user is in the local Administrators group, exactly the same as the local user. And if I run the GUI as an administrator from domain user session (Run as administrator) - there is no tab permissions. UAC is active. Clicked YES to the UAC confirmation. Which way I can troubleshoot the problem?
  5. Sorry, but I do not see anything related to user permissions in EIS GUI. Could you show me the screenshot, what settings should I look?
  6. yes. last updates was installed yesterday, for example. the latest updates installation did not change anything.
  7. Where to find and check these permissions? I`m a Local Admin on PC. Folder "c:\Program Files (x86)\Emsisoft Internet Security\" has default security settings (have not change it), my user have "Full сontrol" NTFS permissions on this folder.
  8. Yes, it is listed and enabled. Windows Firewall is turned off automatically after EIS installation. PC was rebooted after a few times. The same things with Application Rules (can`t add new rule).
  9. Looking at the promo, I was expecting the appropriate functionality:
  10. >Siketa network management and rule setting is inactive, I cant add new rule or tune existing..
  11. Hello, I have the same problem, reboot does not help. Win8.1, x64.