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  1. Its also producing a new Error-Message now: Ur operating-sytem is actually not configurated to use this App.
  2. I only wonder how we should get the Update which solves the Error, as soon as available, cuz we can't update or even open the Interface without getting the Error.
  3. I cannot try the above methodates since i can't open Emsisoft Anti Male Ware. If I try to open the Interface i am getting the Error asap and the Interface don't even open.
  4. Since there are 2 more posts from other ppl into the forum having the same problem as me, I don't think so. Also ich have tested Version 10 of EAM on my Computer and Version 10 of EAM was working fine, so I rather think it's something in Version 11 of EAM. Btw its the same Error as here: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/19176-new-version-11005911-not-working-at-all-ntdlldll-crash-report/
  5. I can say the Version 10 of EAM was working on Th 1 of Windows and is working on Th 2 too. Only EAM 11 not working on Th 2. But I can't say if EAM 11 working on Th1, but I guess yes, I think Microsoft changed something in Th 2 and Emsisoft did not tested EAM 11 with Windows Threesold 2.
  6. Im having the same problem with the same error. The Error happensubmission if I try to enero the Interface or to Update. Have u also installed the Fall-Update (Threesold 2) of Windows 10?
  7. Yes I have Comodo Free Firewall installed. But I did disable it but this didea not help. Plus I had Comodo with Version 10 of EAM without any problems. Please help me to get EAM usable again or fix the bug if there is one.
  8. I'm using Version 11. It's the version which is delivered from ur Download-Servers as I already tried uninstalling, downloaded a new Copy of ur Software and installed again. The Setup succeeded but can't get into the Interface and get the "Access Violatation" Error mentioning something crashed (into might to remember being some dell and dat mentioned) Please help.
  9. Hi I can't use EAM 11 on Windows 10 after installing the November Update which pumped Windows 10 to Build 1511. Right after the Upgrade I got an Error "This Software is not configurated to work with Windows " but the Emsisoft Icon was in Tray. But if I try to open the Interface of EAM I get an Error "Access violatation" telling me something crashed. I have uninstalledone EAM used the Emsi Cleaner top and installed EAM again, the Setup worked but I still can't get into the EAM Interface, I keep getting the "Access violatation" Error.
  10. there aren't that many Online Armor users on Windows 8.1 left. i just switched back from EIS to the compination of OA and EA, because EIS was continuing to giving me hard tmes, since it used to freeze alot, when trying to edit Application-Rules or Firewall-Options. Also EIS dont offer as many conroll on Firewall-Options as OA does, it not even have an Overview of Firewall, and blocking Programs dont work as efficient as in OA. So i really really hope the support and devel of OA will be continued.
  11. Hi, currentyl there is no IPv6 availbale here, but my ISP is working on it, so am asking, if its planned to get OA working with IPv6?
  12. Thx for ur reply but i got.one more question. What about the Firewall-Status-Window? Is this also not going to be available in EIS?
  13. Hi, before i used Emsisoft Anti Maleware and Online Amor, now i use Emsisoft Internet Security, but i miss the HIPs-Function as well as the Application-Protection (includes File- and Registry-Protection, as known from Online Amor). WIll an future version of Emsisoft Internet Security have HIPS? If yes, when will this version probably available?
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