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  1. Fresh installation of Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32-Bit: (All current windows updates) Downloaded latest version of Emsisoft Internet Security. First window is checking for pre-requisites. Second windows prompts to install Hotfix KB979278 I click on OK to download, it does not open up the web browser like explained in the window. I did find the hotfix manually but it says the computer does not need it. I am able to put regular Emsisoft Anti-Malware on the computer. I googled the problem and it seems like it existed in EIS beta but was supposedly patched. Please Advise Dustin R
  2. Are all anti-virus programs uninstalled? Does your computer freeze during the scan process of the installation? If there are other anti-virus programs like Kaspersky, you may be experiencing memory share violations. It would be really helpful if there was a blue screen error code to help pin point the problem.
  3. In my experience, complete lockups are caused by hardware problems. Have you tried running the Emsisoft Emergency Kit to check for possible viruses in your computer? Do you have other anti-malware software installed on your computer?
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