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  1. Edit: On Scenario #1, If I disable EIS on PC C I can connect to the network share. PC A can have EIS enabled.
  2. I have a similar issue, does right clicking on your internet connection and going through the windows 'troubleshoot problems' fix it?
  3. Scenario #1 (very important) I installed EIS (latest version as of 9/11/14 @1pm) on three computers on a network. PC A (win 7 x86) <--- Has files shared on the network PC B (win xp) PC C (win 7 x64) PC B can access PC A just fine. PC C cannot access PC A (Network path was not found) If I disable EIS on PC A I can access it just fine. Network is assigned as "Private Network" on all EIS installations' active network. Scenario #2 (less important) Installed EIS on laptop with win 7 x64 If I switch networks (going from work to home) I lose internet access and have to use Win's 'troubleshoot problems' to gain internet access every time. Please help! Thanks, Mike