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  1. Hi Online Armor team, Last night, I had restarted the computer after a Windows Update. I immediately got an error from OA saying "The Online Armor Service cannot start". The effect of this was: - the computer could not connect to the home network (router) anymore - it was finding an "Unidentified Network" and was classifying it as "Public" - it was unable to connect to the network it found - it would not let me change the network type or anything related to the network I then figured that it must have been one of the Windows Updates that was messing with the network settings. Long story short, I was up all night trying manual IPV4 Gateway overrides, uninstalling Windows Updates, reconfiguring the network adapter, rebooting constantly, replacing cables, downloading Windows hotfixes via tablet and transferring them to the computer via USB to run them, and so on. Nothing helped. After 4 hours of that, I decided that I would reinstall Windows from scratch. That would mean nearly an entire day lost, but I saw no other way. Just before I did that though, I was going to try one last thing: uninstall Online Armor, just to rule out that it was the cause of the issue and not just an effect of the failed Windows Update that I thought was responsible. Surprise surprise, after uninstalling OA and rebooting: everything worked again, perfectly. The computer was back online. So Online Armor was the cause after all. So now, I have a couple questions regarding this. 1) Is there a possible explanation for the generic error message "The OA Service cannot start" - why did it keep showing the same error, even after I rolled back all Windows Updates I had done that day? This error has never appeared before. 2) I want to reinstall OA because I do like the program, even though I lost a night over this mess. How likely is this to happen again if I do that now? 3) IF this error happens again, and the computer cannot connect to the network again, and I cannot start Online Armor in the first place, what can I do to a) restore internet access and b) restore/fix Online Armor without having to do a full uninstall like this time? 4) I'm pretty sure I lost all my OA settings and learned rules with the uninstall. Are they retained anywhere on the system after an uninstall, so I can re-apply them when I reinstall? It will be a headache to configure new rules for all installed programs again, from scratch. I hope you can help me understand these points, as I really like Online Armor. I think it's a solid piece of software that beats most others out there, and I'd like to keep using it. So I want to make sure I know how to handle such a hiccup in the future... in case it happens again. Thank you.