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  1. Hi Fabian I'm not sure if I have the same problem (so jumping on the band wagon here), but my internet connection takes ages to kick in when I start my laptop. Usually the network is found as soon as I've booted my laptop, but now find I have to wait around 5 minutes to do so.
  2. Hi All A number of months ago, and I can't recall which forum exactly, Fabian shared thoughts on how other anti-malware vendors "hide" the actual memory usage. If memory serves, Fabian - you indicated that EAM/EIS (during the Beta phase questioning) memory usage is as expected. However you also mentioned that comparing memory usage - such as attached. ...a futile (and misguided) endeavour since other vendors can easily hide their memory usage. Also, you did mention in another post (on these forums) why should one worry about 160mb when it's running on a 8gb ram system too So
  3. Hi I'm working between two PC so wanted to share all the EIS settings. Export was straight forward enough (although a message box indicating the task is completed would be handy) - however I'm not getting any luck with importing the settings. The only thing I "notice" on other laptop is a brief screen flash and nothing more. None of the settings take. Further, is there any way to have the exported setting as one file, rather than four? Thanks!
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