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  1. Going to college. College public WIFI requires a login (student ID and password). From what I read, that is good for security. I use a VPN. My question is. what can a firewall (EIS) offer me in this situation? How can Emsisoft firewall protect me more than Windows 10 firewall? Why? Thanks
  2. mattg781

    Add Cloud Protection

    Of topic here, but since we are talking about Avast, one feature that they do have that works well is: "Hardened Mode: Aggressive". For non-PC people, it works wonders. Default deny, I love it sometimes...the reason cell phones are so malware free (Play store and Appstore...controlled downloads). I know you read the news about Android, but many of those malware incidents happen outside of Play store...OR happen rarely within.
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    I agree with Aura. Thanks for the idea though
  4. I agree with you OP. The shield blends in with other icons. The 'green' (meaning OK) is hard to see.
  5. mattg781

    Built in Ad Blocker

    I see. I guess my question/suggestion would be, why doesn't Emsisoft have an "enhanced" blocker? Thanks for the reply, I hope I am not sounding too repetitive, only trying to express my viewpoint ;P Edit: Clarify... what I am saying above, if something is only partially blocking...why would someone use it when other free options are more powerful. I have many clients who use IE, Edge browser (due to them being comfortable with them and not wanting to change). Unfortunately, one has a decent addon (IE Adblock Plus...manual updates) and the other has none (Edge). This is a big problem in my opinion as ADs/redirects/scripts...etc. are getting out of control. I consider them sometimes more of a nuisance than malware itself.
  6. mattg781

    Built in Ad Blocker

    I've seen that setting before, but by its name...I never really put two and two together. I did enable it, run a test...and it seems to block some (hard to say % wise but probably %65-%75 of ADs blocked). Even though it does do a better job than Kapsersky, it wasn't as polished at Adguard or Ublock extensions for Chrome. So I guess I will UPDATE my suggestion to: enforce stronger adblock filters such as Ublock or Adguard. In otherwords, create an adblock module that can replace Adguard, Ublock, or any other high ranking Adblock software on the market. Thanks for the replies!
  7. It would be nice if Emsisoft had a built in Ad blocker for all browsers (similar to Adguard install version). The #1 cause of junk getting installed on PCs I see is ADs. Misleading Ads. (ex: "Download Here"...when the link just brings you to some malicious/PUP filled website). Kaspersky does this, but badly. Their Ad blocker doesn't work half the time. Anyway, just my two cents.
  8. mattg781

    Auto Sandboxing?

  9. mattg781

    Auto Sandboxing?

    Also, how does EAM handle unknowns that are not likely bad? Ex: Kaspersky handles unknowns by limiting their access to certain regions of the PC. Other AV's do it differently.
  10. mattg781

    Auto Sandboxing?

    Just curious, does EAM do any kind of sandboxing and if not, why? I noticed some AV's do and some don't.
  11. mattg781

    PC Mag Reviews

    I use to follow Neil at PC Mag and tried some of the recommended AV's he's reviewing with high scores. I agree slightly with some of them, but his malware detection scores seem a little off. I only use his articles now for product information. He seems to explain that well.
  12. Edit: I guess I was trying to give four ideas to make Behavioral Blocker prompt more user friendly...hoping at least one would eventually pass with the devs: 1. Auto quarantine objects detected by Behavioral Blocker (probably most important to me). If I want someone to see no prompts, then I should be able to. They shouldn't receive many Behavioral Blocker prompts anyway. 2. Create an X at the top-right to auto-deny if clicked (close button). Many users do this. 3. Color change of 'Recommended Action': Quarantine. Whatever color...doesn't matter, just make it stick out more. 4. Change order of Behavioral Blocker buttons to reflect what other companies do and how we are taught where the first order of things are: to the is the "recommended option".
  13. Understandable. Consider also making an option to: "Auto quarantine objects detected by Behavioral Blocker". I find it easier to restore a 'good' file from quarantine than have to clean up an infected system that someone 'allowed'. I run a pc repair business and choose products based on their user friendliness with prompts (an of course testing results...etc). I only felt that this behavioral blocker prompt would be confusing for the amateur user (no X to closed out that auto denys...which users normally do, behavioral blocker button layout is different from 90% of other AV vendor's prompts).
  14. I made an image showing my idea. Hope this helps me explain my opinion better. - move buttons around where the first one (best option) is more darkly colored (blue...etc) so the eyes gravitate to that button first.
  15. I did some malware tests with Emsisoft and noticed that when the behavioral blocker detects an item, the prompt is confusing for a typical pc user. Emsisoft places the quarantine button on the bottom right and does not make the quarantine button stick out with different colors. I suggestion moving those buttons around a little and making the 'Quarantine' option a little more noticeable (different colors). Second thing, I didn't find an option to auto quarantine items found with behavioral blocker.