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  1. Hi Christian, Thanks for the reply, forgot that the server edition is seperate from the desktop edition. I've got 3 Windows servers that are easily attacked from the internet: 1 IIS webserver, and 2 remote desktop servers. Regarding the RDP servers, I would assume that Emsisoft for servers starts as a service, so that each user logging in would not start a seperate process that would fight each other. Is there anything that needs to be done differently to install the server version of Emisoft on an RDP server? Joel
  2. We have a license for 60 users, and not all are used. Can I use it on the servers? These are MS IIS web/ftp servers. TIA, jbarntt
  3. Thanks Frank, I was rather busy at work today, will do what you say. Thanks very much, jbarntt
  4. We recently bought a 60 user license of EAM. I downloaded and installed the Console on a PC. I would like to use the Console as a proxy for for getting updates for our clients. This would save our bandwidth and Emsisoft's bandwidth, I notice that the EAM client has the ability to accept an IP or DNS name and a port number for updates. I have opened port 8080 on the Console PC. If I point the clients at the Console PC, will I have a local repository of updates for our clients? I believe their is an ini file on the Console that might need to be configured. Lastly, apologies if this is documented somewhere. If it is, I haven't found the documentation. TIA, jbarntt
  5. 501 Not Implemented Emsisoft A2Proxy I get this trying access the Console in a browser. Any help will be much appreciated. TIA jbarntt
  6. I am considering buying EAM 60 user. I would prefer not to have to install EAM on each PC manually. If I place the EAM install file on a network drive, can I add a command line to it to our logon script, so it will install automagically, without user unteraction? I have done this sort of thing before, with F-Port and AVG. TIA joel