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  1. Hello, I have decided to backup my files format the drive and install windows 8.1. Thank you for helping.
  2. Update- I deleted the nic and wireless drivers and rebooted. Now have wired connection. Only problem now can't install internet security saying I have to remove Online Armor But I already did. Thanks
  3. Hello, i uninstalled Online Armor and Anti Malware with Windows control panel. Then rebooted and had lost internet. No other Antivirus or malware software on computer. Sorry I didn't mean to hijack the other persons post. Thought was the same problem. Since original post I have tried your suggestion to reboot computer twice. no change. I downloaded a new copy of Internet Security and it is telling me that I have to remove Online Armor. I have already uninstalled it.
  4. Can't connect to internet wired on wireless. Device Manager shows all network Adapters with problem "OnelineAromr Miniport" hope this helps.