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  1. For me I really like the new UI update, feels modern and responsive, much better than the previous one.
  2. Thanks. I can confirm that that solved the problem.
  3. I just tried deleting the a2temp folder, rebooted, and on startup EIS again updated and wanted me to reboot my computer. There was one in AppData and also one in Windows, but I could not reach for the one in Windows. One thing to note is that the recent updates on Emsisoft Changeblog that marked as "requires application restart" are also the ones EIS demanded a system restart instead of just an application one.
  4. Thanks for your comprehensive answer, Fabian. I understand the situation better now.
  5. I just told EIS to never remind again. Waiting for Emsisoft's response. I will restart when a fix is released.
  6. I upgraded to Windows 10 when it was available. After the upgrade EIS stopped working. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it which solved the problem, everything was reading fine ever since (except the constant restart prompt on the latest beta). There was no indication of the firewall not working. Reading this thread is disturbing me. Does this mean prior to the recent betas, EIS was falsely reporting that the firewall was working fine while it was not on at all? I remember having to allow programs through the firewall after the Windows upgrade.
  7. I have the same problem. Just restarted and EIS updates itself and then tells me to restart the system AGAIN. Also the Changeblog says that it requires only an application restart. Why does EIS want me to do a computer restart? I will restart now and see if it changes anything. If it still wants me to restart my computer I will ignore it. Edit: just restarted, checked for update, and it now wants me to restart my computer again.
  8. Yup, updated to latest beta and it is now as it should be.
  9. I used to set the update interval to 3 hours, then one day Windows Action Center reports that my antivirus is out of date. I turned on EIS to see that it stopped updating for 2 days. I updated, and set the interval to 1 hour, then later I turned EIS on to see that its last update was 17 hours ago, when I clicked the update button manually. This has happened for quite a few times now and it is worrisome. My computer usage is turning the computer on and work for 3-4 hours, then hibernate, and then when I need it I will turn it on to work. I don't know if that interrupts EIS updating somehow, but it shouldn't because the interval is 1 hour. Are there any log files or something that I can provide to help you fix this?
  10. Last time I reported an issue with EIS' firewall not automatically starting at Windows startup and preventing Windows Action Center from starting. With the latest updates from EIS beta that issue was resolved. However, a new one arose: At Windows startup, EIS firewall starts correctly, but Action Center reports that EIS (all Virus, Spyware and Firewall components) are turned off. As shown in the EIS logo in the system tray in the screenshot, all EIS components were up and running just fine. I double clicked it, and EIS window confirms that everything was indeed running. I then got into Action Center, clicked Turn On, EIS window shows up again with nothing changed (the same when I double click the EIS tray icon), and then Action Center removes all warning. I'm suspecting that EIS is having trouble registering its status with Windows Action Center.
  11. It's in the about button (the one with the exclamation (!) icon), under the Logs panel in the Overview page, right below the Follow us button. Edit ahh never mind. It's also right under the license information in the Overview page.
  12. Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. I have emailed you the logs.
  13. After the restart as reported from my last post, EIS updated again, to 4498. I restarted again but the problem remains: EIS will not have its firewall enabled until I manually start it. I restarted once more just in case there are still any changes pending, but the problem remains. One thing I noticed is that the Windows Action Center flag on the task bar tray area will NOT be loaded until after I have enabled the firewall. That is, EIS will load showing the yellow icon (Firewall disabled) and Action Center is not loaded. I waited for a few minutes, just in case the system is still booting up, and Action Center still does not load. After a good while, after every other apps have started and I am sure that booting has finished for a few minutes then, I enabled EIS firewall and within seconds Action Center will load. I am suspecting conflicts with Windows Security Center. And to clarify, I am able to simply check the Activate Firewall checkbox to enable the firewall. I do not experience the not being able to activate the firewall bug as others reported from the other thread.
  14. I have always been able to manually enable the Firewall. The problem is that on Windows startup, the firewall stays disabled until I manually enable it. I have updated to the latest beta version and restarted the system, but the firewall still has to be manually enabled.
  15. No, Emsisoft Internet Security is the only security oftware on my system. I have sent you the file to your email address.
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