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  1. Well, sadly that did not work the first time. But I tried it again... and lo' and behold, this time it worked! The Server was found and the copy re-authenticated. Then it fully updated itself. Whooohooo! Emsisoft IS is back and working on Windows 10 here! Happy days.
  2. Well, we are currently on the Windows 10 Pro TP Build 9926. Unfortunately, Emsisoft 9 IS is reporting at Boot-Up: "A Major Problem has prevented the Application from starting. Emsisoft Security cannot connect to the service application... etc." This was after a fresh installation of the Security Suite (with Beta updates enabled), and naturally it prevents things from running at this time here. As we fully know, EIS is not developed to be used with the TP-releases of Windows 10 at this time. But the year is still young. We will continue to monitor each new update, while falling back upon a less-than-ideal backup AV solution, which does run with Windows 10, but feels... less than ideal in terms of protection. It will get there.. I am sure! We will not give up till it is a match made in heaven!
  3. Excellent news! So when the next version of Windows 10 TP is released to everyone in a couple of weeks.. we'll be joining in on the fun, with Emsisoft IS ready to stand guard! yay.
  4. I know this was brought up back in October. So I held off updating my system to Windows 10 TP at that time. Now it is a couple of months later. And there is a big 'update' to Windows 10 TP coming to users Next Month (January). So, if we upgrade to Windows 10 at that time, could we reasonably be assured EIS will be ready to work with that release? I would *hate* to have to run our system without EIS installed. I don't like to feel nekkid without EIS protection on a PC! Anyone using EIS 9 with Windows 10 TP and not having issues to worry about now?
  5. Okay, I was asked after this message was posted to clarify something: EIS was not actively 'scanning' the files in the system at the time of its high CPU usage. It was simply sitting there in the system-tray, saying the system was 'Protected' as usual, as well as the time it last Updated. EIS 9 itself still works fine, and doesn't seem to be hung-up on anything when this problem occurs. The LOGS show normal activity throughout the day and no 'suspicious' activity in the system.
  6. I have Emsisoft Version 9 IS running on a standalone Windows 8.1 64bit PC machine. I have seen over the past days where Emsisoft EIS will start ramping up the CPU usage, from its usual 1+% all the way to 46% constant CPU usage and sometimes more. I can always tell when Emsisoft is doing this, because all the system and CPU fans start slowly ramping up as the CPU is being more and more taxed into service. If I do nothing about it, this problem will go on for hours without stopping. I am forced to reboot the PC machine, only to see this High CPU usage problem start back up again, in about an hour or so, even if the PC is simply idling. And during this time, the PC isn't being used for anything but mail-reading or light web-surfing. No other processes or heavy application usage is taking place, and causing the CPU to work that hard. Any ideas as to why this happens? Here is a small display of Task Manager when this problem is going on: