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  1. I have about a year left on my 2-year license and mysteriously, shortly after an update, I was notified that my license had expired. I have my Cleverbridge receipt. I have contacted SUPPORT and am awaiting a reply and apology. What is going on? NOT a happy camper!!! Louis
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. I downloaded EEK #11 and ran it. Absolutely NOTHING was found -- no PUPS, nothing. That's reassuring. Also, EEK #11 downloaded and installed without issue. The scan was VERY fast. Best, Louis
  3. I'm a huge fan of Emsisoft. For a "belts and suspenders" second opinion, I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (premium), which works will with EAM. It would seem that IF EAM is doing its job, the new EEK #11 would be superfluous for PCs running EAM. Does EEK #11 have detection capabilities not included in EAM? Thanks... Louis
  4. Fabian, regarding the availability of spell checker on this forum: I'm entering this forum using Mozilla Firefox. For whatever reason, there is no spell checker in operation -- when I use this forum via Firefox or Pale Moon. Most of the other forums I visit with Firefox or Pale Moon do have a spellchecker. theese are intentionaaally mispelledd. When I highlight all of the text and right click there is a box entitled "Check Spelling" -- it is checked. The obvious misspellings are NOT identified. Any ideas? Louis
  5. OK. I'm a couple of days into my trial of EAM. I think it's really superior and I will be purchasing it -- but when should I pull the trigger. I'm being prompted to purchase EAM now. IF I purchase it now, will the remaining trial period be added to the 1-year period? If so, I'll purchase it tonight. If not, I'll wait until I'm closer to the expiration period.
  6. Fabian, That's very reasonable. In the future, I'll make my edits pronto. Is there an available spell checker? Thanks, Louis
  7. Christian, I figured out how to turn off Windows Defender shortly after posting the above. The prompt in the "Action Center" white flag is now gone. Thanks, Louis
  8. FWIW... It appears that when MSE is removed, Window's 7 Pro defaults to Windows Defender -- until some other AV program is installed and recognized. I went ahead and allowed Windows Defender to scan my PC -- as it suggested. It used a "quick scan" and found nothing in about 300,000 items it inspected. Before the Windows Defender scan, I'd scanned my PC a few times with EAM and it, too, found nothing. After the scan was completed, I went to the Options choice and turned off Scanning. The white flag warning disappeared. End of story -- I hope. When I was testing AVG, Avast!, Bitdefender, and Avira, I don't believe that the Win 7 Pro white flag warning to scan appeared. I could be mistake. Louis
  9. After installing EAM, updating, and scanning PC on multiple occasions my Windows 7 "Action Center" (white flag in lower right-hand corner) informs me that I have one issue -- Windows Defender should be used to scan my PC. I really do NOT want to use Windows Defender to scan my PC. How can I tell my Windows OS (i.e. disable that prompt) that a scan by Windows Defender is no longer necessary? I have not seen this issue with MSE, Avast! or AVG. Louis
  10. OK. I've discovered how to edit the Black List and add to the White List. Yes, I can now see how to edit a current post. That's great. Apparently I cannot return to an earlier post and correct typos. That is understandable. Louis
  11. Oops! How do I edit typos in an existing post? The misspelling of "necessary" is very distressing. Louis
  12. I just downloaded and installed EAM for the first time. I like what I'm seeing (and experiencing) very much. QUESTION: I note that EAM uses White and Black Lists, which I think is a good idea. I have not been able to locate a method to see what is on each of these lists. Please hold me by my newbie hand... Thanks, Louis
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