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  1. still no change, and after I ran the exe register, it opened up a box that I took a pic of. I closed it without doing anything apart from what u said. also did a find network problem troubleshoot
  2. still no change, here is the log from that program
  3. I used the new one and got the exact message as before
  4. it would not load so I didn't bother with the scan
  5. I really wish I could say that it was running. Also I did try to do a system restore point that the program created with no luck.
  6. Something else came to mind that I forgot to mention, I had recently before the crash downloaded a program called "registry recycler" and ran it. During its fixing process it wanted to fix something in the windows services and I didn't think much about it at the time. Trouble started not long after.
  7. I saw the tool you had me use was successful in most of its fixes, but it had some failures in a couple of places one of which was the windows services area. The original problem still exists
  8. still no change and I took some pics to help show the problem with what the infection has caused. please see my other pics and info from the previous posts. thank you
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