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  1. Hi... Just to provide an update: I allowed Christian access to my system a while back and, based on his inspection of the history, he tried to fix an apparent conflict with a Logitech driver. I originally thought his including Logitech as an exception to the firewall and other steps taken had fixed the problem, but unfortunately, not so. So... I took a different course and simply uninstalled and reinstalled OA. So far the problem has not returned - everything is back to "normal" and there are no apparent conflicts between OA and Logitech (or anything else). If the problem crops back up, I'll open this again for help. I do appreciate Christian working on a Saturday to help since that was the only time I could be home. John
  2. Hi. This is weird behavior that began 5 days ago. Since then our Online Armor Premium starts at boot per usual and puts its icon in our tray, but then apparently affects running programs by causing them to drop out of being the active window every few seconds. Using browser, Word, or whatever program, the keyboard or mouse input sporadically misses inputs and open drop-down menus close - this occurs every 3-5 seconds. If not using the keyboard or mouse, I can see the program window border color "flipping" to inactive briefly in that same 3-5 second interval, and then flipping back to active. If typing, the letters during the brief inactive window period are missing, but then letters resume recording when the window goes active again. Also, programs operating in full screen mode (e.g., World of Warcraft) drop to taskbar, leaving us staring at the desktop. If we close and shutdown Online Armor, all of this active/inactive window behavior stops. Perhaps weirdest of all, but very fortunate, if we then restart Online Armor, everything continues to works fine - no resumption of bad behavior. So this problem only occurs when OA starts at boot. We aren't aware of any settings that we've changed that started this behavior. Info you need: Online Armor Premium version 64-bit Windows 7 with SP1 Other security: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 7 Thanks for your help! John