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  1. This morning(July 2, 2012)the problem has reappeared--again! I am attaching the requested files. Thanks, John
  2. I was able to restart my computer in "Safe Mode" and change the Online Armor service to automatic. When I then restarted normally, I got the same result as http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/8433-oa-started-but-gui-icon-not-visible-in-systray/ --in other words, services.msc says both OA services are set to automatic and are running, but the OA icon does not appear in the taskbar. I also wanted to see if I could now change the service start type while in regular Windows, and I get the same popup as before--Access is denied.
  3. The problem has reappeared! I started my computer this morning, and OA was not showing in the taskbar. I looked at services.msc and Online Armor service had changed from automatic to manual. When I tried to change it back to automatic, I got a popup, "access denied". This has me baffled!
  4. hackerman1: I installed Norton AV about three years ago(switched from ESET then)with the last major upgrade coming out in Jan or Feb of this year. The only recent change I can recall was a few days ago Online Armor gave me the message: Online Armor has downloaded a new version. Do you want to restart now? or something like that. (I'm referring to the normal thing that happens periodically) I just can't remember exactly when that happened, but I think that is when the problem began.
  5. Hello andrewf: Yes, I have "Launch Online Armor at next startup" checkbox ticked at Options->General in OA configuration--I stated so in my original post. Hello hackerman1: The first of the two was set to manual; I reset it to auto as you suggested and that has fixed it. Many thanks, hackerman1 The thing that has me puzzled is that everything was fine until a few days ago, and I had not changed anything.
  6. For the last few days, O A Premium no longer starts automatically with Windows--I have to start it manually. I have "launch Online Armor at next startup" checked. I see nothing under the history tab to tell me what kind of problem I'm having. My setup: Dell XPS 4100 Pentium D 2.8 GHz dual-core 3 GB RAM O A Premium Norton AV 2012 XP Pro Service Pack 3 Everything is fully updated. Scans show no malware. Thanks, John
  7. I also have had a problem with OA forgetting my program settings. OA paid, XP service pack 3, fully updated. The two programs are both freeware: Kurlo and Photoscape. I have both set as allowed and trusted, but I get the popup asking permission after each computer restart. I tried running the Security Check Wizard again; still asks again. Occasionally it will happen to other programs (but only rarely).
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