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  1. Thank you for the explanation.👍 How widespread is the cheating problem? How many might be cheating (e.g in %) and don't these companies cheat in all tests they take part in causing the same problem in all tests? Shouldn't test companies detect these (or other AV companies denounce them), make these public and ban the cheaters ( at least one suspect got caught and banned in the past) and this act as a big deterrent? Were the driver problems during AV-C tests the same that affected Cruelsister test last year? Have these all been fixed? Thank you
  2. Hello Arthur, what do you mean with "all you have to do is design it to pass the test"? ...and with "We've decided that it's more important to focus on the best protection for real-world threats than to focus on passing tests "? Can you please explain better? What could you do differently to pass the test and why would this affect negatively the real world detection capability of Emsi? In other words, if Emsi's real world detection is very high, why shouldn't it also be for the AV-comparatives test? thank you!
  3. More Infos should be available at Arthur, I think you are right but also believe that expert malware writer,e.g. APT groups/Nation sponsored groups, will "soon" understand this attack and use it. I hope Emsi will be ready for this and that nobody will make malware writer's work easier by releasing a POC! Can Emsi scan a file while it's in transaction? Thank you
  4. Hello Emsisoft Team, what do you think of the "Process DoppelgÀnging" Attack? Does Emsisoft's behavior blocker protect from this or, if not, will it soon? thank you
  5. Why was the file detected as malware on the AMN ( but not by your fileguard/signatures? Why didn't the BB detect the encryption of the documents, pictures etc or check AMN ? Does BB still monitor something when a file has a valid certificate? I understand there are few cases of malware with valid certificate but I found 2 in the last days and read about more online ( How can users get protection from cases like this until the certificate is blacklisted? Before users could disable trusting signed files (if memory serves me), now it's not possible anymore. Thank you
  6. GT500, The problem is that apparently Emsi completely trusts signed files and that a malware with a (still) valid certificate can infect/encrypt the device. I just found another ransomware with valid certificate (a Globelimposter, I submitted yesterday, Sha b269b77b38e3fee6e445b04ef8ac9294a6062dc42dcbaf015d134abef308b5ef ). I saw that Emsi doesn't check it's AMN (where it is already detected as malware). The BB states the file is good and that it is being monitored (under BB protection tab after enabling to display trusted files). If I check the rules, all is allowed (BB as firewall in/outbound). If BB is monitoring it why were my files encrypted (all in desktop, documents, pictures) when normally Emsisoft blocks the ransomware immediately (when files are not signed)? If memory serves some time ago you had an option to enable/disable "trust signed files"...can you add it again (at least in a "expert mode")? Thank you!
  7. GT500 thank you. What happens when a file digitally signed is executed? What should Emsi and Emsisoft's BB do? Is the validity of the certificate checked, then If valid a rule is added and all is allowed in BB & firewall? Before the certificate is blacklisted the malware can do what it wants or some components of Emsi still check it? Thank you
  8. Hello Emsisoft Team, How does Emsi handle a file digitally signed when this is executed? Does Emsisoft immediately classify it as a "trusted program", create ApplicationRules and allow it to run without any protection from the Behavior blocker or does BB still monitor it or only some behavior? In other words, if a malicious file is digitally signed, when executed can it do whatever it wants or can Emsi still block malicious behavior? Thank you
  9. I didn't, it was a fresh image, but it's not important now since time passed. Thank you anyway.
  10. Fabian, In the case above BB checked for the reputation since when I disconnected from internet and checked the protection tab BB showed the bad reputation. BB didn't block it as the malware was still in memory. Emsi firewall alerted and outbound connectios were blocked. Why did BB check but not block the file? It seems something went wrong, or? Thank you
  11. I'm happy you liked the idea. 😊 In general, why check for reputation if then nothing is done with it? In the case above, why did BB check in "background"for reputation and after getting the bad reputation didn't do anything with it, alert nor block the malware? I hope you also discuss internally to allow BB to block Malware whenever a bad reputation is found. 😉
  12. Fabian, Arthur, Thank you! Since in this case the sample was in memory, BB under protection tab showed it looked for its reputation and it was bad, why didn't it alert me and block it? Normally I see a window where Emsisoft tells me a suspicious activity was detected and Emsi is checking the cloud. This time nothing popped up...Did BB miss it? Last question...When Emsi firewall alerts the user about outbound connectios on unusual ports and the user chooses to block all connections, why doesn't the BB also ask the user if it wants to quarantine/kill the process? Can you add this rule to help user kill/quarantine bad processes? Btw, the file Emsi BB let in memory even with bad reputation is
  13. Fabian, Arthur, -When does BB monitor a file? What triggers the BB monitoring? What happens when BB monitors a file vs when it doesn't? If it doesn't and the file does something bad BB won't detect it if it is not monitoring it? - when in the BB log we see that a rule was added for a program that is running in memory, what does this mean? Will BB still monitor it or alert if something suspicious happens because of the program? Today I saw a malware that was in memory, no CPU usage... I disconnected the PC from internet, then I checked BB protection tab..The file had a bad reputation, so BB checked already before I opened the tab. Apparently BB checks for reputation on the cloud not only when the user checks the BB protection tab, is this correct? Since it knew the file was bad, I really don't understand why you want to keep it in memory and on the HD. I really hope you will change this. Thank you
  14. Hello Arthur, Can you please check the question above? Thank you