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  1. I already said many times I do care, a lot but still think few file hashes sent to VT are not a privacy issue. You also do it when BB detects something, or? You upload less than maybe VS does, probably. Is this a huge difference? I don't think so and as everything , it can be discussed, criticized. Same with the increased security VS would add to Emsi. <sarcasm> I also use VS, daily for some time..I also speak without knowing VS...You know it better? Of course, why shouldn't you. Finally, don't worry, this was my last suggestion. Users that care to suggest improvements or highlight problems as missed detections should deserve kindlier answers, a "thank you" sometimes would also not hurt...But no, the "impression" I as other I know get is you know everything, Emsi is pretty "perfect"/already does it (again, our impression), what we say is worthless since all was already thought, done, detected....I don't remember seeing a "thank you", a "good idea"...maybe a "we'll discuss internally"....Of course I don't read/read all posts, might have missed plenty of these. Is all so worthless? No, examples? I have 3 just for me (anti-exploit protection, firewall blocks outbound connection->BB alert of suspicious activity, BB alerts file in memory had bad reputation even if is not doing anything suspicious yet). Nice weekend
  2. Thank you for sharing, interesting thread! It was 2013, Vs changed since then. I don't have problems with VS: if and when it alerts, the alerts are clear...In smart mode it's very, very discrete. It could be added to Emsi with an expert mode for the VS always on settings if wanted. FP and privacy issues are not present in my opinion.
  3. OK, thank you. Last thing.. I m not sure voodooshield uploads all files but rather think it upload the Sha. Privacy issue? I don't see one when uploading new files on VT. Many FP? I m using it on always on and don't get FP, alerts some, but very very few FP...In smart mode it is way better. Did you try it? Anyway, thank you for your answers.
  4. But now Emsi does not check all files on VT with 60+AV, does not have AI (but a great BB), no sandbox, is not a anti-exe/whitelist capable...With VT+AI+whitelist voodooshield is able to block earlier malware and probably more (in terms of nr, might still not be 100% ready for some tipes of files, e.g .J's or need the payed version ). I really think Emsi+voodooshield is (considerably) better than Emsi alone. If we had a big malware pack and run it against Emsi alone or against Emsi+VS I bet the ladder combo will detect/prevent considerably more.
  5. Did online armor check VT with 60+ other Av? Was it an whitelist/anti-exe?..Or a firewall with Hips? Did it have AI? Sandbox possibility..... with cuckoo sandbox/VM ? Does Emsi detect as much as voodooshield when running files/ did OA check them on VT before allowing them to run or does Emsi do it now? I really don't think so. It's just a suggestion, so of course you do what you think is best. Luckily as of now we can use voodooshield for free, so no problem for users that want it with Emsi. ..If another AV decides to add it to his program, things will be way different.
  6. Hello Emsisoft Team, Why don't you add voodooshield to Emsisoft (acquisition, partnership,....)? This would add a lot to Emsisoft: - higher static as dynamic detection -AI engine -Sandbox capability -Vt scan .... Or, looking at it from another point of view.... what it another AV does it before you? It will get a great advantage vs other vendors. What do you think of this?
  7. I didn't, it was a fresh image, but it's not important now since time passed. Thank you anyway.
  8. Fabian, In the case above BB checked for the reputation since when I disconnected from internet and checked the protection tab BB showed the bad reputation. BB didn't block it as the malware was still in memory. Emsi firewall alerted and outbound connectios were blocked. Why did BB check but not block the file? It seems something went wrong, or? Thank you
  9. I'm happy you liked the idea. 😊 In general, why check for reputation if then nothing is done with it? In the case above, why did BB check in "background"for reputation and after getting the bad reputation didn't do anything with it, alert nor block the malware? I hope you also discuss internally to allow BB to block Malware whenever a bad reputation is found. 😉
  10. Fabian, Arthur, Thank you! Since in this case the sample was in memory, BB under protection tab showed it looked for its reputation and it was bad, why didn't it alert me and block it? Normally I see a window where Emsisoft tells me a suspicious activity was detected and Emsi is checking the cloud. This time nothing popped up...Did BB miss it? Last question...When Emsi firewall alerts the user about outbound connectios on unusual ports and the user chooses to block all connections, why doesn't the BB also ask the user if it wants to quarantine/kill the process? Can you add this rule to help user kill/quarantine bad processes? Btw, the file Emsi BB let in memory even with bad reputation is
  11. Fabian, Arthur, -When does BB monitor a file? What triggers the BB monitoring? What happens when BB monitors a file vs when it doesn't? If it doesn't and the file does something bad BB won't detect it if it is not monitoring it? - when in the BB log we see that a rule was added for a program that is running in memory, what does this mean? Will BB still monitor it or alert if something suspicious happens because of the program? Today I saw a malware that was in memory, no CPU usage... I disconnected the PC from internet, then I checked BB protection tab..The file had a bad reputation, so BB checked already before I opened the tab. Apparently BB checks for reputation on the cloud not only when the user checks the BB protection tab, is this correct? Since it knew the file was bad, I really don't understand why you want to keep it in memory and on the HD. I really hope you will change this. Thank you
  12. Hello Arthur, Thank you
  13. Hello Arthur, Can you please check the question above? Thank you
  14. What does it mean when BB in protection tab classifies a program as with" bad reputation " but online, on isthisfilesafe the file is unknown? How is this possible? Just to be sure Emsi anti-malware network=isthisfilesafe = list of programs already scanned by Emsi with special algorithms to detect if malicious +user database of most used action after being alerted by BB? File reputation= determined according to Emsi anti-malware network=isthisfilesafe? Thank you
  15. Good new then...I think if the scan was triggered and a bad reputation was detected, the malware should be quarantined. I really think nobody would like to have a (active or not) malware in matter if just not doing any monitored bad stuff or not.