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  1. Thank you very much for the help. I ran those commands and the service seems to be completely gone.
  2. 1. Yeah, I figured it wouldn't be possible for the driver to load (assuming it is even still installed) without the service. However, for my own personal peace of mind, I'd love to fully remove any/all files associated with HackShield. 2. I didn't use any software to find the hidden service. Doing a little research showed me that HackShield installed a hidden service with that name, so all I did was go to the appropriate registry entry and confirmed its existence after uninstalling the game. While it is possible removing the game uninstalled the driver, I have my doubts. Even when the game
  3. I recently installed a free-to-play game called ArcheAge, which was published by a legitimate game developer that has been trusted for some time (Trion Worlds). Well, the Korean developers (XLGames) included an anti-cheat mechanism called HackShield. There was absolutely no indication that this third-party software would be installed during the installation process. Once I realized that this anti-cheat mechanism installed itself as a system driver and was potentially being monitored by a company that I don't fully trust, I opted to uninstall the game. Well, even after you uninstall the game, H
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