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  1. If this does not get fixed soon, or any updates to attempt to fix it, i will have to switch to something more stable like kaspersky or back to bitdefender. I have had one problem with bit defender what it was not nearly as irritating or problematic as the ones that occur with Emsisoft. Trying to do work on the computer and not having things working is a headache. Im not sure if Emsisoft is a small company but it feels like there is only Fabian and maybe one other person that works on coding.
  2. Besides all these problems everyone listed , while scanning if i open up task manager, i notice that Emsisoft program is using 99-100% of the CPU. It fluctuates to 80% and sometimes drops back down to low around 10% but i would say almost all the time its scanning it is always 90+ percent. I am not running anything else in the background. I checked the CPU usage via task manager and HW info program. And after the scan completes it always has a popup that tells me the program must be closed. But its still running in the taskbar. These are some serious problems. 90+ percent of the CPU for scanning the computer?! this can possibly overheat someones computer if the scanner runs for a long period of time. Also on AV comparatives(which is known to be one of not the best for independent testing of antivirus/malware protection) for the real world testing, Emsisoft got scored lower then expected. I thought if Emsisoft is utilizing Bitdefenders engine along with their own , it should be higher in protection then bitdefender or atleast the same level. Now i know it was testing Emsisoft Anti Malware and not Emsisoft Internet Security but it should protect at the same level because i dont think it wasnt testing firewall capability.
  3. Glad im not the only one. The update did fix the firewall not activating when starting up computer but have been having that problem Chary has had and also times where i cannot close or open a program along with not being able to do a Ctrl+Alt+Delete task manager option. A reset is my only option and sometimes it just hangs on the restarting screen. This only occured after the update and i did not install any new programs or update anything else.
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