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  1. Hi -- Since the October 28 upgrade to V12.0.1.6859, sometimes the application just does not load up after I boot. If you try to start the app nothing happens. If you restart the system it takes forever to shutdown and start up again but the application then loads up OK. I am running Win 7 Pro 64 and Win 7 Pro 32 on (2) different systems with the same exact problems occurring. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on both systems and the same thing is happening. Can some one please give me something to try. The weird thing is that I also have it on A windows 10 system, and that has been running fine. Thank You, Bill46.
  2. Since the issue with the Security Center, has anyone also noticed that the information on the taskbar "right click shield", is not the correct update information? You have to go in and out of the application, to get the correct update infomation to the task bar. Every time Emsisoft Anti-Malware updates, the last update with the date and correct time should be there when you right click the shield. bill46
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