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  1. I don't believe it is a renewal notification. I have EIS and began having the same issue occur about 2 days ago, right after Version 2017 7.0.7838 was released. I also have over a years worth of license left. I thought it might have something to do with it being a kind of "alert" in that it was notifying me about the new release. I thought this because I noticed changes in the new version, i.e. the new "Forensics" Logs and the new way "Permissions" settings for users is controlled. After going in to the program it seemed to go back to the green "Shield", however the "Exclamation" mark occurred again. This time I kind of hovered over it and it went back again to the green "Shield. I was actually going to post a Thread asking about this same issue
  2. Hello! It sounds like this is a known issue. I had very few problems with Version 11, but now with Version 12 it is failing to start up. It will work fine for a few days, then upon booting the computer, the shield is red with a white "X" across it. When I try to open the program a banner appears stating that EIS is waiting for something to start up, then the banner and EIS freezes up. I then have to reboot the computer, today it was twice in order to get Emsisoft working again. I have once already re-installed Version 12 but this still continues to happen.
  3. This morning when I started my computer, the Emsisoft Shield Icon in the taskbar was red with a white X across it. The GUI would not open, and a message appeared from the right center stating that Emsisoft was waiting for a component to (start). This message would freeze and it could not be removed. EIS would not open at all. I rebooted the computer and again the same thing. I have now removed and downloaded a fresh copy of EIS, which now appears to be working again.
  4. I went thru control panel on Windows 7 to do this. I checked the Windows error events in application, security and system and there was no mention of any of the Emsisoft files or processes that I can find.
  5. This happened to me today running EIS. I noticed after checking that EIS had just updated. I thought EIS was going to announce some type of new program update, but that did not happen. I believe this did this once before since receiving version 12.
  6. Hi! Yesterday I believe it was I was prompted by EIS to re-boot the software to load new modules I believe it was. I did this and then a message came up saying there were either missing and/or broken components to my current EIS program and that I needed to download a new copy. I uninstalled EIS, and re-booted. I then have a saved copy of Emsiclean, so I clicked on the desktop icon which stated that nothing was left from Emsisoft programs. I then re-booted again, went to the EIS site and was able to download a new copy of the latest version. I had to reset everything in EIS to the way it was manually as my settings were not carried over. The program seems to be working fine now, as my other version was going like 7 hours sometimes between updates (have set for every 1.5), which I thought might be Emsisoft server issues. Anyway, I use password protection so I activated that feature. I am the only one with an administrative account, and I deactivate the majority of Emsisoft control setting/adjustment features once I set my program settings to where I want them. This results in their "greying out" so as to become set and unadjustable on EIS. Well when I closed the EIS program and re-opened it, on a few occasions now, when I go to file guard, I am able to change the settings, as they are not greyed out. Once I do, they then turn grey and unadjustable. I don't know if this is a known glitch, or not. I don't want to return log files, but was just wondering. Thanks
  7. Today when I turned on my computer in the morning, I waited because usually EIS quickly begins to update itself, however this morning it did not. I then again manually launched the program to update. This time the GUI showed it updating, however when it reached 8% it did not visually advance from that point. EIS updated fine, but again visually the GUI is not responding properly. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, just wanting to bring it to the attention of the Emsisoft Team, whom I am sure are probably already aware of what the program is doing. Anyway just a follow up to your question as to what as a user of EIS I am experiencing after the latest update. Keep up the great work!
  8. Thanks for mentioning this Alan S, there does appear to be something occuring with the GUI. This was the first time I noticed it not working right and figured maybe with the new version release something was going on.
  9. No, I don't believe so. I was having a problem at the time with internet service, and I believed that EIS was not able to auto-update. I now just tried a manual update again and it is working normal. I just figured I would mention this when the GUI was unresponsive, just in case there was some type of problem occuring with it that maybe needed to be looked into.
  10. I just tried updating manually again and this time the GUI worked right. I don't know why it didn't work right previously.
  11. Hello! This morning my internet service was acting up, believe due to local thunderstorms in the area. EIS was not able to auto-update. When my internet eventually started working, I attempted to do a password necessary manual update. I had the GUI opened. Usually, it will show "Initializing", and it will have a "Gauge" which shows it has activated and doing downloads. Well this time nothing appeared on the GUI. It was inactive. Eventually the downloads successfully completed, and the pop-up alert arose stating it completed. However, no activity on the GUI. It was still showing 10 hours since last update. When I hovered over the Emsisoft symbol in the taskbar, this showed it was now up to date, but not the GUI. I then closed the GUI and re-opened it, and it then appeared to show it was up to date.
  12. Since the last update all appears to be fine again, thanks
  13. This is happening also to me on Windows 7 32-bit. I have to click on the Emsisoft Icon to open the program, and then the small icon loads in the taskbar. This happened immediately after yesterday's update and re-boot.
  14. Thanks GT500, I figured this would work but wanted to be sure. Thanks Again
  15. Hello Again! I have another question I was just wondering about, if I may. Since I upgraded to EIS whenever I update trusted programs such as Firefox Web Browser and other routinely trusted programs I am asked by EIS in the form of two boxes appearing wether I want to simply update the existing rule (advises less secure choice) or to create new rules for program which is suggested as better security. I usually just select the less secure update existing rule choice. I was just wondering for say a known web browser or other known routinely safe programs if just selecting the update rule choice is what I need to be doing, as I don't want to be inadvertently compromising my security. Thanks Again
  16. I was able to finally find the hotfix file and ran it. I then was able to successfully install EIS and am currently testing. All appears well and I really like EIS. So far no problems with it at all. Thanks so much.
  17. Thank You so much. I was able to install EIS and all appears to be working well. I will test for awhile, before merging my security pack licenses. I needed the Microsoft Hotfix the last time I tried to install and was not able to. I finally found the hotfix file and ran it, and this time EIS successfully completed installing on my system. Really like EIS. Thanks Again
  18. After reading about EIS I realized I had to sign in to the license center with my password, and saw that the license merger deal is still in effect. Thanks for everyones help and great products
  19. Hi Guys! I am in the process of attempting to possibly upgrade to EIS from EAM+OA. I want to try a free trial of EIS first, and then transfer my licenses over. I know when EIS first was released, a free upgrade deal (license merger of EAM+OA) was offered, however now I do not see this being offered any more. I was just wondering if a equal deal could still be offered, as I have quite a lot of time left on my security pack license(s). Thanks
  20. Thanks so much Alexstrasza! I know as I was writing about the different versions, I began to remember reading something about the number 86 being for 32-Bit once. I also was wondering if anybody had more info about the actual hotfix itself (what it actually does and is it safe) as there is a generic warning about it possibly causing computer instability and/or problems. This makes me reluctant to install as I do not need any headaches as my computer is working relatively good, and I don't need any unnecessary issues developing because of this hotfix installation
  21. Hello! I wanted to find out if I can about switching from the Emsisoft Internet Security Pack of EAM and OA to EIS. I had attempted to do this at one time, however I could not finish the installation as I was told I would need a special Microsoft Hotfix for EIS to work. This however was when I was running Windows Vista 32-Bit. I had problems obtaining this and backed out. I have since upgraded my system to Windows 7 32-Bit. I was doing some reading on the forums about all the crashes occuring to people running EIS who have not installed the Microsoft Hotfix 2958399. On one of the threads in the EIS forum entitled "Blue Screen", the Poster is given a link by Fabian to obtain this hotfix, as he is having the blue screen problem. His computer is Windows 7 64-bit. This appears to work for him. He then asks about Windows 7 32-Bit, as to wether he would need this for his other Windows 7 32-Bit also. He is told he would. When he tries to get it, it appears he does not need it. He is told he still will, but may have already obtained it elsewhere. I went to the link to try to get this, but when I click on all versions, no 32-Bit version is shown. There is an "86" Version (which maybe is it?) and 2 64-Bit ones. My question is do I still need this, and if I do, what version do I obtain? Also, can I still merge my EAM and OA licenses for a EIS license? And would I still be able to get the free trial of EIS before I merge to test if I tried to download once before but never completed the install? Thanks So Much
  22. The only reason I was asking was I remember when I had Norton IS years ago alerts would be shown about my computer being attacked over the network and I was just wondering if Emsisoft products have similar alerts.
  23. Hi! I was wondering if anybody knows if Online Armor would show an alert if the users computer is attacked by say another computer over the users network, as I was reading that not all security solutions by different companies do. Also I was wondering about Emsisoft Internet Security. Does it or it's firewall show an alert if and when a network attack occurs. Thanks
  24. After checking the Surf Protection log again today, it does appear to be working as there are now new log entries beginning to appear for Surf Protection. Possibly the Windows Upgrade must have wiped the logs clean, and now all appears to be functioning OK.
  25. I just recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, and am also using the new EAM Beta 4605. I had EAM turn orange briefly showing Surf Protection deactivated. This was only briefly and then it restored itself and has been activated. I did uninstall before and then re-install EAM after my Windows upgrade. What I just recently noticed is that the Surf Protection and File Guard logs have been wiped clean and there is no logging occuring there. The behavior logs are working and show custom rules created for programs that are already installed. I just ran the Eicar file test and it is showing in the File Guard log (was quarantined).
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