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  1. By the way... to all... and Emsisoft, please don't ban me from the forums for this... but, I apoligize for my expletive in my original post... I should have said Oh crap, instead. My apologies.
  2. iammike, Thank you for referencing those two posts. Yep, those are the posts I was referring to in my post. I understand we have to wait for a fix, but felt it was important to post my two cents, in the hope that the fix comes sooner, rather than later. Thank you. mindundermatter
  3. Hello, From a reading of forum posts (via searching for others experiencing similar issuess), I am aware that I am not the first customer to report these problems—on the forums:Here are two bugs, which are troublesome, especially the first one: Microsoft Action Center – Persistent notifications that EIS is not turned on. Troublesome because a user’s reaction will be like my first reaction was: Oh shit, I have a virus that is clever enough to shut down my EIS. I do understand that this issue arose due to a recent Microsoft Windows Update that delays the startup of the Action Center, res
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