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  1. THANK YOU to all of you software experts that helpeed me resolve this. My customer's (Emsisoft subscriber) EAM application seems to be working now after running the updated script. If you are allowed, I would be interested in hearing what the issue was because it didn't affect all of my customers using EAM home, nor did it affect my Windows machine. But, in the meantime, please know that I am grateful for your timely assistance. Accumulator
  2. Running the script didn't seem to help at all. However, I see that EAM is shown in programs and features, and that 2 processes are running. Emsisoft protection platform, and Emsisoft protection service. Does this mean that protection is enabled? I am still unable to see the GUI, and have not seen any updates. Being more of a hardware guy, I'm not 100% sure what is happening. As always, any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the hotfix, however, I am either running it at the wrong time or something else is messed up. I ran the script before I tried to install again. A box came up with 1:02: in it. Emsisoft did not install.
  4. Stapp: Thanks for your quick reply. It is appreciated. Is the script at the bottom of the link you sent the definitive fix for this issue or is it still being worked on?
  5. One of my EAM customers contacted me about an issue with the EAM Home not opening and apparently not running. I remoted onto his machine and took a look. Found that EAM was not in the system tray, and would not open. Removed EAM via Control panel and attempted a re-install but kept getting a message that it was already installed. I then tried EMSICLEAN to remove fragments that may be causing the error. Ran in Safe mode and in normal mode with restarts but not able to re-install EAM. Trying to -re-install current version of EAM and Windows is version 21H1 (build 19043.1415). Customer not sure when problem started but seems to think it happened after MS update. Any assistance will be appreciated.
  6. One of my Emsisoft customers has been infected by malware (adware) that seems to be related to a fake version of Anydesk. Emsisoft does not detect it. The symptoms are that the Edge browser (Chromium) is displaying false warnings (showing 6 pages open in Task Manager.) Edge was the only browser installed at the time of the infection. However, when I installed Chrome, it also shows 6 pages open. I have reset Edge and Chrome but no joy. In Control panel, Anydesk showed as installed. I removed it but again, no joy. I have tried Malware bytes, Hitman Pro and a couple adware removers with no luck. Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions welcome.
  7. On my Windows 7 /64 HP Pro laptop with an I5 and 8 gig, running EAM, I received the previously posted message about "A major problem has prevented the app from starting". I looked in the forums for an answer and found #136444. I ran EMSICLEAN then tried to re-install but received " An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file. Delete File failed; Code 5; Access is denied. The message was referring to C:\ProgramFiles (x86) \Emsisoft Anti Malware\a2hooks32.dll. I am unable to reinstall at this time and I hesitate to delete the entire folder under C:\ProgramFiles(x86)Emsisoft Anti malware\ Since I can't open the program, I can't tell you which version of EAM I was using. However, it was functioning well and updating until Monday morning (in Chicago). Any assistance will be most appreciated.
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