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  1. I finally emailed Support, where David suggested that I could try restoring my backup copies of the EAM .ini files, which struck me as a great idea. So here are the steps that worked (perfectly!) for me: 1. Copy the EAM .ini files (stored in c:\Program Files\Emsisoft) from external backup drive to a local folder. 2. Uninstall the Other AV-AM program & reboot. Make sure it's really uninstalled (check folders, etc.). 3. Install previously downloaded free-trial EAM installation file (will deal with renewal/new license later). 4. In EAM under the Settings/General section, hit the Export Settings button just in case things go wrong -- I exported to a specific folder I use for such things. All applicable EAM .ini files are exported to stated location with one button press. 5. Use the Import Settings button (once for each .ini file) to import the .ini files saved in step #1. (As I did this, EAM immediately applied those settings -- lovely). 6. I chose to go ahead and reboot, just to be sure. I did then notice the old problem of tray icons not showing up on reboot, the ONLY thing I liked about the Other program, where a reboot caused no problems. But I can live with that -- I generally hibernate my laptop anyway -- EAM is otherwise really easy for me to live with -- it does its job but stays out of my way, not a resource hog. So for anyone else out there who, for whatever reasons, wants/needs a new installation of EAM but wants to keep the time-consuming settings such as Application Rules, this method is a winner! And I'm a happy camper with my tried and true EAM. Thanks again, David! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ETA: I just wanted to add that David really worked with me on this to come up with this solution -- we had a number of emails back and forth, making sure ahead of time that I was set on the proper path, with the result being success the first time through. So he deserves kudos for his efforts.
  2. Because I was uncertain as to continued EAM compatibility with MBAM (re the WFP driver in EIS), I switched to another highly rated AV-AM program just before my license was due to expire Dec. 20th or so. Then, too late, came the reply of your intention to stay compatible, after I had already purchased this other program, which I have grown to HATE. Even with my fixed-income retirement budget, I want/need to return to the light-on-resources EAM so that I can actually DO things on my computer! Note that I didn't switch because I disliked EAM -- it's actually pretty easy to live with. Is it possible -- if I can renew my prior license? -- to restore my EAM user & program folders from backup and then do an install to avoid having to add all the program exclusions and going through EAM's "learning"? Thanks.
  3. I wish I had known this earlier. I ended up buying another AV program, as I was short on time left on EAM.
  4. I'm up for EAM renewal, but I prefer a multilayered approach including Malwarebytes. Is EAM likely to incorporate the WFP driver in 2016? If so, I need to switch rather than renew.
  5. Ahhhh ...... the quintessential geek. Love it!
  6. Timing is everything. I finally found how to set up the logging, rebooted, and ran the update -- which did NOT ask me to reboot this time, and then got notification of your latest post. So all is well, and I have the batch files for next time. (BTW, it doesn't look like I can fix the title of this thread from my hastily typed "aks" to "asks" -- oh well.)
  7. Earlier this afternoon, I got the little slider window that asked me to reboot, so I assumed the version had been updated (still on 9 -- not set for betas), so I went ahead and rebooted. A while later, it happened again, which was a bit strange, but I went ahead and rebooted, as my mind was on other things. Now it wants to reboot after each update -- I just did one with the UI open and watched 2 definition file updates download, then got yet another request to reboot. What gives? The particulars: Malware signatures (emalware.204) x2 Host blocker blacklist Version
  8. Delta5470, I'm guessing that until your reinstalled software recognizes it is officially licensed -- i.e., can connect to verify that -- you do not have real-time protection. I see that my laptop EAM updated again, so it looks like -- at least from where I am -- the servers aren't as jammed up, so keep trying. Another option would be to email Emsisoft about this issue -- perhaps a temporary license would work without connecting to their servers -- I don't know. I'd refrain from browsing, etc. until EAM verifies itself, though.
  9. Delta5470, apparently they were pushing out something (beta release?) that tied up their servers because my computers couldn't connect for a good 6-8 hours. I see that the update finally occurred a few minutes ago. As to your new problem with licensing, I'd suggest posting a new thread asking about that so your question/problem doesn't get lost.
  10. Just to follow up: Finally, at about 5 p.m. today the update did go through, and when I booted up my other computer a few minutes ago, it updated immediately, likely with a new software release, as performance was sluggish for a while. So all is well.
  11. Thanks, gricardo -- that's good to know. It makes me glad I'm also running live (paid version) MBAM. I guess waiting is the only thing I can do now anyway.
  12. Suggestions? Stopping and restarting EAM didn't help, nor did rebooting. No software has been installed or uninstalled -- no changes since the last EAM update last night. I don't know where else to look.
  13. My last EAM auto update, according to the system tray icon was 12/31/2014 at 1:00 -- last night. I verified that EAM exe files are still allowed internet access, and Malwarebytes auto-updated just fine. As you can see, I have internet access, and it's functioning normally, with all other programs I use gaining normal internet access. Thus I am wondering if you are having problems on your end? When I bring up the interface and manually tell it to update, it hangs and eventually produces the message "Could not connect to the update server. Please check your internet connection and proxy settings."
  14. Thanks for your response, mik. Indeed I had unchecked the weekdays as part of trying to be careful while adjusting the settings to a preferred day/time and before selecting which day(s). As I think about it, there's no Apply or OK button, so those changes would take effect immediately. I'm glad to know it was a software glitch and not something wrong with my computer. I look forward to the update.
  15. There is no button I could find to edit my post above, so I'm adding this: I should have said that as things stand I will not be using scheduled scans, considering the abject failure of prior attempts; please understand I was a bit frustrated. Also, I am currently using a trial version of EAM, which is set to auto-update, so it should be current. My system details are as listed on the left. I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions -- even if it's like the old doctor joke, where the doc tells the patient to "stop doing that" (as in stop trying to do auto scans). I am accustomed to doing manual scans as a matter of habit, so I'll continue with that unless someone can help pinpoint the problem. I also should note that Trusteer Rapport was not installed the first time I experienced this issue; I only installed it this time when it looked like everything else was stable.
  16. I've now experienced this twice: While trying to set automatic scans from off (when all is working well, incl. MBAM -- both it and EAM fully mutually excluded), a2start.exe suddenly goes crazy, and I can eventually see many instances of it. Rebooting just continues that craziness. After the first time, I restored a stable and good pre-Emsisoft/MBAM disk image and then carefully did complete uninstalls of prior AV/AM software, then adding Emsisoft and MBAM -- both memory-resident. EMET 5.0 is also running, and there have been no problems unless/until I try to schedule EAM auto scans, but yes, EMET is also excluded. All has been completely stable, with the exception of not having automatic scans -- I have been doing them manually, and that has worked well. Then this morning a2start.exe went nuts again while I was still in the Settings window, trying once again to set up an automatic scan (after a deep breath), separating the schedule from MBAM scans by a few hours. EAM once again launched many instances while I was still in the settings window, freezing my computer. So, after non-productive reboots, in safe mode -- after considering various brute force approaches -- I went into the a2start.ini file and changed the appropriate auto scan values from 1 to 0, which then allowed me to successfully boot again without EAM going nuts -- and I verified the settings in the GUI once up. So far, all is well again, and I have NO intention of even trying to set up auto scans again. However, what I want to know is what in the world could cause it to go completely crazy when trying to set up an automated scan schedule? There are no Win7 scheduled tasks (only the auto quick scan in MBAM), and there are no other user-initiated processes going on at the time. This is reminding me of cross-linked files.... but SFC and chkdsk show no errors found. And this has now happened twice, including after restoring a good, solid disk image.
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