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  1. Hello I Have EIS With Beta updates Enabled On Windows 10. Other Users in LAN can not access to my share folders while firewall is on. What can I Do to fix issue? tnx
  2. My EIS has updated with Beta Updates and after restart : V11, Witch hangs on update initialize ...
  3. but a home user may use PPTP vpn too, very often, I think Emsisoft should handle it too.
  4. Hi I Receive Error in Windows 10 Many times.
  5. Hi EIS Blocks its update when firewall on in windows 10 !!! And How can I add application rule manually to block specific program access to internet? tnx
  6. Hi yes, I have entered remote credentials and refresh too, but problem exists. still no news from new EEC version?
  7. Help : EEC searches and finds my clients but does not detect their separately installed EAM !!
  8. Hello We have many difficulties with EEC too, It seems no work is done on it to be an stable release. please inform us about release date prediction. without EEC , brilliant EAM is useless for organizations and big companies. thanks
  9. Hi I Have Uninstalled EAM from System and rebooted, but while trying to install from EEC prompts EAM already installed !
  10. I have experienced the same problem on win 8.1 !!!, But on internet security not EAM
  11. Hi When this will be supported in EEC? regards
  12. Hello Most AVs Protect ordinary users from viewing Password And License from client PC Users, no matter if they are windows local admin or not, if not the valuable lic (equal for all pcs in net) will be lost so easy!!! is there any solution for this issue in EEC available ? regards
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