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  1. Just installed an Epson XP-420 wireless all-in-one printer. The Epson setup software maps its memory card slot as network drive 'Z:'. The problem is that on PC startup, I get a message that my computer can't connect to Z: and I can't print anything wirelessly. The EIS firewall is apparently blocking access to both the drive and the printer - everything only works when I disable the firewall. I've checked the firewall log and it doesn't show anything being blocked.. I haven't added any custom firewall rules and I set my local network as private when I installed EIS. Would modifyin
  2. Thank you. Emsisoft really distinguished itself by doing this.
  3. It would be a really nice thing for Emsisoft management to do this. We bought EIS because we wanted the additional firewall protection of a full security suite. To make us burn days off our subscriptions while that protection is broken seems quite unfair.
  4. ....and will Emsisoft extend EIS subscriptions by the period of time it takes for them to make the firewall usable again?
  5. Same rules I got after resetting the global firewall rules back to default. Beginning to wish I could go back to EIS version 9, at least the firewall component...
  6. Again, thanks but no thanks. Given the multitude of complaints with the firewall, I really think Emsisoft should be concentrating on pushing out a permanent fix for the issue so the other affected users and I can use EIS with confidence again. (It would be curious to see the brand/type of network adapter the affected users have.) On another note, I installed EIS one more time and reset the global firewall rules as you have recommended. It fixed the connection briefly (for one restart) but then I got the connection error plus started getting messages that Google Drive and Google Music Ma
  7. Wow. I was getting the identical error you are on a wired ethernet connection with a machine running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. See https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/17734-firewall-net-filter-conflict-with-realtek-network-controller/for my sad tale. My guess is that the EIS firewall's network filter is interfering with the initialization of the network adapter at startup, You can try going to Settings, General, clicking on Factory Default and checking the box for Global Firewall Rules. It might help, although I suspect the Emsisoft developers are going to have to take a look at the f
  8. Appreciate the kind offer, but no thanks. Not feeling very confident in Emsisoft's ability to play nice with my system right now...
  9. I already did the uninstall/reinstall. Twice. No effect. After viewing all the recent posts about firewall issues since latest update, I have decided to abandon EIS for now. I still have a good chunk of time remaining on my 2 yr. subscription, so I will continue to monitor the forum and perhaps return to Emsisoft at a some future date.
  10. I've been observing this since upgrading to EIS version 10 and it reached critical mass with yesterday's update. I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1 64-bit on a Dell PC with an integrated Realtek PCIe GBE Family network controller.using driver version 8.1.510.2013, I connect to the internet via ethernet cable. Since version 10, I have been noticing problems with my ethernet adapter being able to connect to the internet at system boot. I would get a message that the ethernet connection was still in process of identifying the network. Usually disabling/enabling the connection and/or
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