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  1. Here are the following logs from JRT and AdwCleaner I have already used the fixlist for FRST thanks... what else are needed? AdwCleanerC1.txt JRT.txt
  2. I DID open another thread because ANOTHER PC got some resistant infection, but someone deleted it without properly checking it out... completely different logs from the other thread... so ... im reposting the logs Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_151130-161010.txt
  3. Thank you.... as soon as my wife´s notebook gets home i will post the logs you need
  4. following procedures Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_151130-161010.txt
  5. Hello and good night I´ve got some resistant malware here, so i followed the described procedure The required files are attached Thank you FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_151122-200636.txt
  6. Hello again.... I did what was told and here are the resulting logs i will reboot pc again and turn my defences up again and see what happens thank you
  7. Today i experienced many system "freeze" alongside with alerts and subsequent quaratines from Emsisoft guard. Today my quarantined files are: Emsisoft Internet Security v. © 2003-2014 Emsisoft - www.emsisoft.com ID Object 0 C:\ProgramData\pMqPVEvlQ\dat\wbmsKvd.exe detected: Bad reputation 1 C:\ProgramData\pMqPVEvlQ\dat\EfOnyXwHe.exe detected: Bad reputation 2 C:\ProgramData\pMqPVEvlQ\dat\EfOnyXwHe.exe detected: Bad reputation 3 C:\ProgramData\pMqPVEvlQ\dat\mIHXxs.exe detected: Bad reputation 4 C:\ProgramData\pMqPVEvlQ\dat\mIHXxs.exe detected: Bad reputation 5
  8. Hello I´ve just downloaded and installed a copy of Emsisoft internet security and restarted the pc as usual, but no internet using. On the next day, when my wife turned it on, the online guard started popping up malicious threats detected by the community right after google chrome was started, no navigation, and automatically stored those files in the quarantine, but other kind of message also appeared, saying that for the complete removal, restart was needed. But when i restarted, during the boot, a message shown up saying that deletion was failed. But no message popped up from guard afte
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