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  1. Attached is the log from RogueKiller RogueKillerLog.txt
  2. I have been very busy lately and didn't perform the suggested follow-up scans. I planned to do that this afternoon (5/12/17) . However, This morning I had a notification on my screen. (SEE ATTACHED). I have performed the follow-up scans you requested (SEE ATTACHED) I have also attached the log for an ESET Online Scan log (SEE ATTACHED) Jack Adkins Thanks EsetScan5-12-17.txt JRT_5-12-17.txt AdwCleaner[S3]_5-12-17.txt
  3. Attached is the fixlog.txt file Fixlog.txt
  4. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170505-122219.txt
  5. Can't seem to make this go away.... Please advise
  6. It appears the documented resolution resolved this virus. It appears it was a variation of Poweliks. I was wondering if anyone knows how the virus gets dumped on your PC??? Does come from email, websites, hacking with IP bots, etc.???? I would really like to know how this crap propagates itself around the world.
  7. ESET is constantly blocking an attempt to access multiple "Blacklist " locations.... In the "Services" list I have a large number of "dllhost.exe *32 - COM Surrogate" listings My computer is slow - CPU Usage way high, etc. Help
  8. Well ... It appears your FixList.txt script worked. ESET is not blocking Internet attempts every 3 seconds "dllhost.exe *32" is not propagating on my "Processes" list and CPU usage is normal..... Done Deal I have been working on this issue for a week and a half and I greatly appreciate your efforts.... I will be reviewing Emisisoft.com in the near future to get a better understanding of the Emsisoft products & services. Thanks again.. Midiax I.T. Services Jack Adkins - Owner
  9. Followed the instructions best that I could
  10. Multiple listings of dllhost.exe *32 in Possesses list Internet Explorer "Security" settings being changed High CPU usage, etc....
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