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  1. I use Virtualbox on a daily basis so I can't uninstall it. From what I'm reading here: , I can disable the bridged network driver to make it work. I only use NAT and host-only network modes in Virtualbox but I use some server-client connections between the host and virtual machines. Could that be a cause of more incompatibilities/errors in the future? Do you recommend not to install the Internet Security product because of that? I hope the installation process could be improved in the future to avoid that kind of errors, providing that it is a known incompatibility. Thanks.
  2. (can't edit above post) I am attaching here the two BSOD reports as seen with Nirsoft BlueScreenView (html format): 1st) first installation attempt, 2nd) after first bsod and system restart, second attempt to reinstall
  3. Windows 8.1 x64 Pro - (original, Windows updates installed) I have been trying to install Emsisoft Internet Security in Windows 8.1. Pro but in the middle of the installation (when extracting files) a BSOD appears. It says "driver corrupted ex pool". (all of that before showing any setup/license options) When the computer restarts, it seems that some components have been installed (there is an emsisoft process running) and an emsisoft notification window appears ("loading component...") but there is no icon in tray or main window to access. If I try to install again, it says that an Emsisoft process is running and can't continue. If I close it via task manager, the installation goes on but the BSOD appears again. If I try to uninstall, it says that the installation files are corrupted and can't continue. There is no other security application installed and I've been using others like Avast or Kaspersky in the same computer before (but they are completely uninstalled now). Only "Windows Defender" is enabled, since it gets enabled when you have no other anti-virus installed. For now I've used this uninstaller: to avoid those components to load on startup. I would like some advice since I don't want to start the setup again to get a BSOD. Thanks.