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  1. Emsisoft Team Thank you for your energy, effort and determination Issues I reported appear fully resolved Also, thank you for the license extension Best regards
  2. Christian, Infact, the issues RichardBurt reports in the following links are exactly the issues I am experiencing too! http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15775-eureka-log-crash-report-after-updating-to-4519/page-2#entry121378 http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15775-eureka-log-crash-report-after-updating-to-4519/page-2#entry121383
  3. Thank you Christian. Please let me know if you need any further info or logs etc.
  4. My laptop is also experiencing random internet connectivity issues. Appears to be possibbly related to Beta Updates 4605? What I observe: WiFi connection dropped - no internet connection Rebooting laptop sometimes re-enables WiFi internet connection Rebooting laptop sometimes result in WiFi connection still dropped and then restarting results in previously reported shut down/hang/force shut down issue. Somtimes have to force shut down and remove/re-install battery to resolve issue. Frequency of issue: At random times after cold start - not able recreate Lenovo T420 W8.1 fully updated
  5. Feedback: My Post #21 EurekaLog/force shut down/hanging issues Beta Update 4605 has resolved the reported issue. Thanks
  6. Same EurekaLog/force shut down/hanging issues as others have posted occurring on two laptops (Lenovo T420 and Toshiba R830). Let me know if you want any further info to assist.
  7. Hi catprincess, Thank you for dropping by and offering support - appreciated. Today is the first day since my original post that I have have been free of other commitments, and able to investigate further. When checking the Firewall log there was nothing that I could identify which indicated a problem - nothing being blocked. When I ran 'Update now' the update process started and ran to completion with no further issues. OArau.exe downloaded 80.8MB of signature updates with a maximum d/l speed of 750KB/s and steadying out at 195KB/s. After the successful download and installation of signature updates the virus signatures went from 6065669 [before] to 4851769 [after]. What ever the issue was at the time of the message, 'Failed to update the AV module. Ikarus server unavailable', the situation seems to have been resolved. I'll keep an eye out and post back if it occurs again. Thanks, and keep up the great work.
  8. Hi, I have been getting the message 'Failed to update the AV module. Ikarus server unavailable' at least since 25th August. Might this be a temporary glitch on the update server end? Or could there be another reason. Your assist appreciated. Thanks. Windows 7 64bit OA++ 5.00.1100 [Virus signatures: 6065669] Also using Mamutu and Sandboxie
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