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  1. I had an active Kaspersky Internet Security subscription and I switched to EAM. I don't regret it, not even once. You took a great decision and you'll see that soon enough. Emsisoft is constantly working on their products, with updates and hotfixes every week as well as signature updates every hour. To be honest, they deserve more customers. I hope that they add more features such as EIS/EAM automatically switching to Game Mode once a full screen application is detected and so on.
  2. Hey, The latest beta release fixed the issue. Thanks very much.
  3. Alright, I renamed the icon from Emsisoft Internet Security to Emsisoft Security. It won't have any issues right?
  4. Did it and it's solved (for now). Pages are loading fast as they should. Also, a kinda stupid question but because the EIS icon appears like this ( and I can't see the whole text, is there an option to edit that in windows settings to be able to see stuff like this in their full description or at least can I change the icon's name to "Emsisoft Security" or something?
  5. Hello, I pretty much face the same issue with this guy here ( I used to have EAM + OA and everything was going fine and now that I decided to try EIS, I get slow internet, pages take lots of time to load and so on. When I disable Firewall from EIS, the problems are gone.