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  1. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9cd99bb0a22570b4ae62a0f66122457e57e10965552a8c6fd9c6e4090daf150e/analysis/ This file has Emsisoft signed on it, and it been detected by Qih00-360 engine as a virus/malware, so any explanation for this? Also, i found this file been detected through process explorer with virustotal.com feature enable. Here is the picture i got from process explorer and the application name called a2service.exe and is been detect 1/56 engine. Just to let you know i have the latest version of process explorer.
  2. Weird, i have the same version you had but i can't think any other option rather than reinstall EAM or turn off windows defender when you run the setup?
  3. First of all, why don't you try the beta update version? Because it state to solve the action center issue. Second, i don't have the issue you had and i use Avast before and then switch to EAM without any issue. Also, it could be useful if you can provide me your EAM version you are using.
  4. Enable beta updates please. Emsisoft already state that the beta updates will solve action center issue.
  5. Have you installing and running any antivirus before switching to EAM? Have you check " Enable beta update" through EAM?
  6. I only have 1 main antivirus real time protection enable which is EAM, the rest is just on demand scan such as MAB,SAS,HitmanPro,TDSSKiller,Dr.Web CureIt!. . As i said earlier, you can install many anti malware tools you can but as long you have your main antivirus real time protection enable then there will be no conflict at all. On Christian statement i thought he meant EEK, because EEK is just on demand scanning tools that don't have real time protection modules, therefore you don't need to disable your main antivirus real time protection in order to runs EEK. But if he meant EAM, then i will agreed because EAM does have real time protection enable by default, so it will conflict to your current antivirus.
  7. Thanks for answering! By the way how much ram usage do it use once it run in the background?
  8. Can i run EAM along with Hitman Pro Alert? Here is the link that said is compatible with other security products http://www.surfright.nl/en/alert Quote from the site " Compatible with all antivirus programs and runs alongside any other security software"
  9. Disagree, you don't have to disable your main antivirus if you runs on demand scanning tools such as EEK, MBAM,or Hitman Pro. As long you have 1 main antivirus real time protection enable, and one antivirus engine scanning one at a time, then there should be no issue at all . Source: Tested by myself.
  10. I'm not really sure though, but my main gaming PC used up 1000GB+, and when i ran a full scan with EAM is only took 34 minutes to complete the scan which i think is okay. On the performance settings i set processor up to 8, 16 threats, and scan priority up to high, so you might want to mess around on the performance settings hope that will increase the scan speed time. On the other hand, you can defrag your hard drive using Microsoft built in, and get rid of the temporarily files using CCleaner. That is all i can think right now, the rest is up to Emsisoft team.
  11. Well, i just want to know is EAM and EIS scan the file for a specific malwares or PUPs when you execute it or download it? Because i know the fact AVAST as the default settings disable PUP detection.
  12. I believe PUP is going to be wild, because cyber criminals can use "PUP" as an excuses to get other victims infected. Is like in the past when adware was not really dangerous, but somehow they begins to known as malware spreading techniques because a lot of cyber criminal use "adware" term as an excuse to back them off for their action. Whether or not, i wouldn't want either one of those on my machine. In today world i see a lot developers try to by pass antivirus pup prevention feature by signed their file or doing stealth installing or whatever is take go slip into user machine. So i think this is going to be a problem, especially for a malware disguise themself as a piece of software.
  13. Yes. I also have this issue and the only way to fix it is to restore your computer. This is why i always create a restore point when i runs anti malware or they tried to remove stuff from my computer.
  14. I also encountered when a software trick me, and the users by replace deny,no,decline option with yes option because they know that users will click them. For instance, when you install Java is will ask you do you want to install McAfee tools? and there will be two options which is Yes and No. But one thing you didn't know is both of the options is Yes. So to me PUP is considered like malware even though their behavior is difference and who want PUP on their machine even they didn't considered installed it which is taking up their space?
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