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  1. Thanks, that cleared up the Java/Obfuscator.W notice and MSERT is now reading as clean. Also, I took the time to run a full scan with McAfee (last time I did a smart scan), and it came up with a "RDN/Generic Exploit!1m3" Trojan notice. McAfee quarantined it, and after I ran another full scan came back with 0 infections detected. My computer was running really slow at one point, and I noticed about 80% of my RAM was in use, possibly because I hadn't restarted in a long time and have been opening and closing a lot of different programs (the issue cleared up after I restarted my computer)
  2. Everything seems to be working normally. I ran Emsisoft and Malwarebytes scans and they came up clean, but msert.exe is still detecting infections (Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.W).
  3. Thank you. Here are the two log files generated. After running Adwcleaner, the next time I opened internet explorer I received a notification saying that an unknown program wanted to change my default homepage to Bing. Is this normal? I closed the notification and it hasn't come back.
  4. A web page I was visiting just now (www.cracked.com) was hijacked and redirected to a sponsor.adverstitial.com ad; not sure if this was caused by malware or if it was caused by an ad running on the website.
  5. Everything seems normal, but it's hard to know for sure. The symptom of 10-20 dllhost.exe or raptr tasks had stopped appearing after a few restarts even before I ran the fix, but I was worried that if a Trojan was causing them it'd still be lurking on my system. Is there a particular scanner I should use to confirm my system is clean of this particular infection?
  6. Hello, I recently discovered I had 10 to 20 copies of dllhost.exe running in my task manager. I shut down my computer and restarted, and I had 10 to 20 copies of raptr_ep64.exe (a gaming program I don't use but which was bundled with a game I bought) running in the task manager. Also, at one point I ran Paint Shop Pro and it informed me that an "OLE screen capture" is currently running. MSERT.exe also detected a Java/Obfuscator.W object. Is my computer infected? McAfee scanner and Emsisoft scanner don't seem to detect anything. I've seen threads stating that multiple dllhost.exe ta
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