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  1. Sometimes, running beta update, the pc is very slow to boot up. Only go back to stable version fix the issue.
  2. seems that the beta update fix the issue. Now the software is working well
  3. I'm using beta too. If crash happen i'll give u the log.
  4. Dear Richard, i don't know u, but i bought this software and i paid it like other tops internet securities. I'm not testing a beta sotware, so i don't accept this bug.
  5. I buy this product, this problem need quick answers. This is not serious for a security software! I hope in few days u fix it.
  6. Please fix this bug with a stable update. I'm not a tester and i don't want install beta updates. I believe in u and in your work guys, sure u find a solution
  7. Ok i'll try, but this bugs should happen only with beta software...
  8. HI Malwarebytes founds some PUP on temp folder. Why emsisoft block the access of this files at their sites ( for example opencandy ) but doesn't remove/quarantine this crap?
  9. I have this problem too emsisoft internet security (windows 8.1 X64)
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