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  1. The issue has reoccurred. Fabian can you do a remote session please? now most web pages wont load or just stop browsing same goes to all browsers.
  2. And don't forget support the team gives if you ever need them weather its paying customer or free ones. They both are treated respectfully.
  3. yes definitely when ever i have an issue with a software. first i try to see if it could be bad install due to windows problem. using revo uninstaller or emsiclean is what does the job which removes the traces including registry.
  4. i solved this issue by cleaning temporary files and addons on the browser using Glary Utilities. ran TCP optimizer (Speed Guide) which sort my issue with slow browsing and overall internet speed.
  5. yes i updated to latest beta which is what i got the new version. its not still stable but said to fix the issues that are discussed on the changelog. Thanks for your reply much appreciated.
  6. Hello, This happened before Emsisoft Internet Security Installation. I have tried all workaround likes using a utility called complete internet repair from http://www.rizonesoft.com/complete-internet-repair/ which has not done anything to improve browsing. Here is the problem i am facing. when i open a site it opens okay , after opening a tab and open another site it will take time and when i hit refresh it comes but takes time. i dont know if there is anything else you could do to help me out with this. Sorry if i am posting to wrong section it is my first post so please k
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