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  1. Hi! Posting at the suggestion of Kevin Zoll, who was helping me de-botify my toshiba windows 7 machine. He suggested that I open this thread in OA forum to continue working on the current issue, which is blue screen on hibernation, pretty much every time. He wondered if it's OA-related. Any thoughts? Here's our last http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/16157-help-please/?p=123284 Latest blue screen msg is "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Thanks for any ideas or help you can offer. Best! Jamie
  2. Kevin, I really really appreciate your free consulting on this. I'll be happy to send people your way, incl to get OA. Take care, Jamie
  3. Thanks for waiting-- really appreciate it. Here's the log. RKreport_SCN_12172014_204233.log
  4. Will do-- may not have it to you until tomorrow some time... Thanks!
  5. Hi Kevin, Things are running okay, but I'm still having a problem that has been happening for several months-- windows crashes to blue screen overnight, or when I have it in my bag and closed/hibernating. ? The speed seems better... Can I ask what if anything you've seen? Here are logs-- Thanks again, Jamie FRST.txt a2scan_141212-183440.txt
  6. Morning Kevin, I ran the eek scan last night but can't locate the files, I'm thinking my computer may have hibernated in the middle or something. I won't have time to run another until late this afternoon, but I'll run both scans then and send both. Meantime, if it's any help, here's the frst log from this morning. Thanks! Jamie FRST.txt
  7. Hi again Kevin-- yup, still with you. Here's the log from the latest fixlist... Fixlog.txt
  8. Thanks Kevin-- will try this asap and get back to you!
  9. Here are the new EEK and FRST logs... Thanks! a2scan_141208-155928.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Thanks Kevin for reopening. I'm attaching the logs requested after running through the process your prescribed. Thank you! Jamie Fixlog.txt AdwCleanerS1.txt JRT.txt
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