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  1. Christian, The test computer (fortunately?) crashed again over lunch today. I emailed you the minidump... hoping for good news
  2. Thanks for the followup, Christian. Just FYI, still seeing instabilities and the occational BSOD. Let me know if there anything else you need from me in resolving this... -David
  3. A quick update: As mentioned, I've uninstalled EIS for a few users who were particularly frustrated, all of whom seem to be happy campers now! I checked in with the guy who's computer we enabled beta updates on, and he says it's crashing less often now, but is still having issues. Since the updates, it has crashed on him once while he was actively using it, but most often the issues arise after idle periods...
  4. I've enabled beta updates on one machine, ran an update, and it's restarting as we speak. Is there anything further I need to do after the reboot, or just wait and see whether the problem goes away? Thanks.
  5. Hi Fabian, I checked the power settings on two computers this morning. One was set to sleep after 30 minutes, the other was set to Never, so it seems to happen regardless of whether or not the computer goes to sleep. Basically the first issue I noticed was that the network would disconnect. Network shares, as well as the internet became inaccessible. Quickbooks would show the usual "Abort" error, which is always a sign of network issues... The computer isn't completely frozen, as I could still launch programs, just not go online or access network shares. When attempting to log off or
  6. I have roughly 60 computers with the same symptoms. Leave it on overnight, and the next day it's completely unusable. A restart doesn't work at that point either, the only option is to force shut down and power back up, and it's usable for another day. I have also narrowed it down to EIS being the issue, as I have uninstalled it on several computers, and they are now running fine. After a recent CryptoWall attack on our network, I was looking for something better to secure our workstations with, and purchased 60 EIS licenses after a recommendation from someone on bleepingcomputers who I th
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