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  1. Hello, whenever I am downloading and EIS firewall is turned on, computer starts lagging very bad and the moment I turn it off, it goes back to normal. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Problem seems to be resolved now, Emsisoft Network Driver wasn't uninstalled it seems to i uninstalled it manually, re-installed and worked.
  3. I installed Emsisoft from the wizard fine, it completed and everything. The time the window it takes (the one you put your license key or choose trial version) took a lot of time to pop up, around 5 minutes, I put my key code and everything and the window closed. Then this thing showed up http://gyazo.com/38eb866b442299c67908ecd6761070d5 Few minutes later http://gyazo.com/bad5965d0cc0d8ab4ded6c7dbfba5cf2 I restarted the pc and the tray icon is red with a cross inside saying "Emsisoft - Background guard". I've already trying uninstalling and reinstalling more than 2 times with no success. PS: I don't know if this can help somehow but I installed the hotfix the installer mentions before I install EIS.
  4. So since I have an i5 CPU I should change it to 4 and set it to high?
  5. On Performance Settings it says "Number of threads" from 1 to 8. It's set to 5. What exactly is this feature? And what's the difference if I set it to 1 or if I set it to 8? Also, scan thread priority means how much it will take for a scan to finish? For example if I set it to time critical the scan will finish faster than if I set it to low? Thanks.
  6. If you can handle the amount of messages you'll receive each time a threat is detected by both EAM and MBAM Premium then go ahead.
  7. Yes, you can use MBAE Premium and EAM/EIS at the same time with no issues. You can also use MBAM + MBAE (both premium) + EAM/EIS at the same time just perfectly fine. The only impact you might feel it will be at system startup (will take longer) and resources (RAM). Other than that, it's fine. slowdown or anything. Personally, I would advise you to stick to EAM (with MBAE too if you want) since EAM is way more powerful + more features than MBAM and use it as an on demand scanner only.
  8. Deactivated everything, same issue.
  9. The initial load only is delayed, navigation is fine. Got a new pc with 8 GB of RAM and a i5 processor.
  10. I decided to switch from EIS trial to EAM + OA free for the reason I got a key for EAM. So, after I decided to install OA as well, for the reason the site says that provides perfect overall protection, the installation was fine and all that. However, after the installation was over and I restarted my PC in order for OA to finish installing, OA is hanging. By that I mean, for example when I double click its icon to open, it takes up to 5 seconds to load, making the system tray icons to freeze. Same when I right click it from its system tray icon, it takes another 5 seconds to get out of the tray table, freezing in the meantime. This gets really annoying after a while. Is this an issue all other OA users are facing as well or is it only an issue with my computer? If so, how can this be resolved?
  11. Hello, do I need any special program to remove EEK or can I just delete the folder it made and it's done?
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