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  1. emwul64

    Emsisoft Browser Security

    Thank you very much. I just started out using Opera and it looks really fine. Somewhere on some Android forum I read about Opera, give it a try and it is soo much better than the ad loaded Chrome. So now I am giving it a try on Windows 10 within VM (first want to see how it works out) Anyway thanks for the above: obviously I wasn't aware that Chrome addons could be used. (got a small warning, but it ended up fine though)
  2. emwul64

    Emsisoft Browser Security

    Please allow me to use this thread to ask whether you intend to make this add on available for other browsers as well, like Opera? Frankly, this browser doesn't get the attention it deserves, regretfully so.
  3. @Frank H regretfully the ones I received bypassed that module then. @jeremynicoll Well, seems to me that in case of doubt, one would like to be certain. At least, I do. Specifically in those cases where mails look pretty much like 'real' ones (i.e. non phishing mails from a bank).
  4. Just curious to know: How are details with regards to all the phishing mails recorded? Up front: I might be wrong, but one way or the other my impression is that information is a bit 'scattered', meaning to say, it is not centrally recorded(?) After receiving a suspicious mail, one should search on Internet to get a confirmation. As for spam, I believe information is being stored in blocklists from dedicated servers such as Spamhouse, Spamcop and the like. Maybe recording that kind of information is easier, compared to phishing mails, I don't know. Phishing mails exist in many languages. Background: even though I use Emsisoft and Mailwasher and even though my ISP is actively filtering on spam, I received a phishing mail (admittedly, only 1) and 2 threat mails over the last 2-3 weeks and I had to check Internet to find confirmations.
  5. Kaspersky does have a problem... Not sure whether 'moving a number of "core processes" from Russia to Switzerland' will solve this. For the Dutch Government, it doesn't matter. UK government bans all Russian anti-virus software from Secret-rated systems Twitter bans Kaspersky Lab from advertising its solutions on the platform citing DHS ban for its alleged ties with the Russian intelligence. Dutch government to phase out use of Kaspersky anti-virus software
  6. Arthur, thanks. For your info - I went on by email - contacted David. (just for good order's sake, note that it is the GUI that is popping up at each update. Anyway, leave it to David - he is investing things)
  7. Ah, right, many thanks indeed! - Later, i.e. just now: "Software updates" was/is untagged, but the pop-up still shows up. Strange.
  8. I know... I know .. it is just a minor thing, however, at times it can be a bit irritating like when you are in the middle of some kind of action: the Emsisoft interface showing up after update. Q: Is there some setting to avoid this from happening?
  9. emwul64

    Windows Defender not Disabled (cont'd)

    Okay, all clear now. Thanks again!
  10. Ah, right! Many thanks indeed. When the mail arrives in Outlook then the amp; is removed. Thanks again.
  11. When I click on a notification link, I get an error: - Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C - I log in and get the same error. Not a big issue, but out of curiosity, is this with only? Thanks p.s.: is there a way to have the images displayed like thumbnails and only expand to full size when they are being clicked on?
  12. emwul64

    Windows Defender not Disabled (cont'd)

    Okay, thanks! If this is a 'normal behavior' then it is fine. As said, it was recommended to uninstall a 2nd AV product (like MBAM) because of possible conflicts, which I did, but Windows own AV product side by side with a 3rd party AV product is a bit difficult to reconcile... :-) Seems 'disabling' thru gpedit.msc even isn't possible... :-) Anyway, thanks again. -
  13. emwul64

    Windows Defender not Disabled (cont'd)

    GT500: thanks for the feedback. As for autohotkey : I dropped that - it doesn't work for some unknown reason, see my other post. As for Windows Defender: noted that it is not Emsisoft, but Windows itself that should disable Defender once another AV product is running. I didn't know that. That said, if things are correct than either EAM or Defender should be active, not both. It would then roughly be the same as with MBAM i.e. not recommended to have to engines active at the same time(?) I tried to turn off Windows Defender thru gpedit.msc but it looks that it is still running, along with EAM. Or maybe this is the correct configuration and I am misinterpreting things?
  14. Up front: there has been an earlier thread with the same title (dec.7, TS: aussiekendoll). However, I do not want to 'hijack' that thread, also because there was no follow up there. Am facing the same issue though. Assumed that EAM would have disabled Windows Defender? I found a thread on the Microsoft forum How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 that offers a solution using gpedit.msc, Powershell and/or registry stuff, but honestly, I know people that never heard of such things... That aside, whilst writing this, I just realize ... (and still need to figure out) Maybe this is the reason why an autohotkey shortcut in the startup folder doesn't launch. Have endlessly been puzzling and trying. For the time being, I'll try do disable Windows defender using gpedit. Later.. Questions: should I also add path D:\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe in the 'Scanning' box ? and should I also add the autohotkey shortcut in C:\..\..\startup folder to both above boxes?