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  1. I am very sorry... confession : it was my mistake... If possible, delete this thread as it may lead to wrong conclusions. I have Chrome and Firefox. A few days back I removed Firefox and installed Opera and made that my default browser (splendid browser by the way) The add-on has been installed on all three of them. When the pop-up showed up, I simply closed it, after all, it was installed. I did not realize though there that Edge still was on the Emsisoft Browser Security 'to do'-list. I never use Edge... ahum. Again, sorry for the confusion.
  2. Nothing to worry about but still a bit peculiar: Emsisoft Browser Security every now and then pops up asking to be installed. But it is already installed. In fact when the pop-up showed up on earlier occasions, I installed it (again), even though it was already installed. Why is this? Does it have something to do with updates, or so? As said, just a minor thing though.
  3. Thank you very much. I just started out using Opera and it looks really fine. Somewhere on some Android forum I read about Opera, give it a try and it is soo much better than the ad loaded Chrome. So now I am giving it a try on Windows 10 within VM (first want to see how it works out) Anyway thanks for the above: obviously I wasn't aware that Chrome addons could be used. (got a small warning, but it ended up fine though)
  4. Please allow me to use this thread to ask whether you intend to make this add on available for other browsers as well, like Opera? Frankly, this browser doesn't get the attention it deserves, regretfully so.
  5. Kaspersky does have a problem... Not sure whether 'moving a number of "core processes" from Russia to Switzerland' will solve this. For the Dutch Government, it doesn't matter. UK government bans all Russian anti-virus software from Secret-rated systems Twitter bans Kaspersky Lab from advertising its solutions on the platform citing DHS ban for its alleged ties with the Russian intelligence. Dutch government to phase out use of Kaspersky anti-virus software
  6. Arthur, thanks. For your info - I went on by email - contacted David. (just for good order's sake, note that it is the GUI that is popping up at each update. Anyway, leave it to David - he is investing things)
  7. Ah, right, many thanks indeed! - Later, i.e. just now: "Software updates" was/is untagged, but the pop-up still shows up. Strange.
  8. I know... I know .. it is just a minor thing, however, at times it can be a bit irritating like when you are in the middle of some kind of action: the Emsisoft interface showing up after update. Q: Is there some setting to avoid this from happening?
  9. Okay, thanks! If this is a 'normal behavior' then it is fine. As said, it was recommended to uninstall a 2nd AV product (like MBAM) because of possible conflicts, which I did, but Windows own AV product side by side with a 3rd party AV product is a bit difficult to reconcile... :-) Seems 'disabling' thru gpedit.msc even isn't possible... :-) Anyway, thanks again. -
  10. GT500: thanks for the feedback. As for autohotkey : I dropped that - it doesn't work for some unknown reason, see my other post. As for Windows Defender: noted that it is not Emsisoft, but Windows itself that should disable Defender once another AV product is running. I didn't know that. That said, if things are correct than either EAM or Defender should be active, not both. It would then roughly be the same as with MBAM i.e. not recommended to have to engines active at the same time(?) I tried to turn off Windows Defender thru gpedit.msc but it looks that it is still running, along with EAM. Or maybe this is the correct configuration and I am misinterpreting things?
  11. Up front: there has been an earlier thread with the same title (dec.7, TS: aussiekendoll). However, I do not want to 'hijack' that thread, also because there was no follow up there. Am facing the same issue though. Assumed that EAM would have disabled Windows Defender? I found a thread on the Microsoft forum How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 that offers a solution using gpedit.msc, Powershell and/or registry stuff, but honestly, I know people that never heard of such things... That aside, whilst writing this, I just realize ... (and still need to figure out) Maybe this is the reason why an autohotkey shortcut in the startup folder doesn't launch. Have endlessly been puzzling and trying. For the time being, I'll try do disable Windows defender using gpedit. Later.. Questions: should I also add path D:\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe in the 'Scanning' box ? and should I also add the autohotkey shortcut in C:\..\..\startup folder to both above boxes?
  12. Ehm... Just for good order's sake: I uninstalled MBAM (+did a reboot) and then tried the same site again, so as to see how EAM would respond on the same site. Note that the thing I am worried about most is being infected by simply visiting a website / re-directed to a website. Think it is called 'exploit kits'(?) Files, attachments, etc. they are within -my- control, meaning to say: I can check them with EAM, Virustotal and in case of need run them within VM. The usual Youtube videos show differences between AV product X and AV product Y whilst testing them on virus .exe files. Interesting, but not my prime concern. 1) my ISP scans on viruses (virus scan is included in my subscription), 2) then in case of emails, they first land into Mailwasher that quote Eliminate spam and viruses before they get to your pc unquote (obviously it can not be compared to a dedicated AV product, but still) 3) then Emsisoft 4) Virustotal 5) run within VM if I still have doubt In case of possible phishing mails, I check them out first (check the included URLs, check if there are any reports, etc) But .. getting infected by visiting a website is beyond my control... As said, that's the thing I am worried about most. Sorry to keep on nagging about this specific thing. So far I was always warned when visiting such sites and I immediately moved away from them. EAM is set to using its default settings.
  13. Could it be that Malwarebytes is a little more strict compared to EAM ? Had both running (MBAM and EAM) and download-geek.com was immediately blocked by MBAM. Disabled/uninstalled MBAM and visited the same site that included a link to download-geek.com. The site wasn't blocked by EAM. I checked some comments on this site on other sites and noticed 'Fraud Site Alert' and negative reviews on TrustPilot. https://www.reddit.com/r/fraud/comments/6lk8ms/fraud_site_alert_downloadgeekcom/ https://ie.trustpilot.com/review/download-geek.com
  14. Sorry for the delay. Busy re-installing programs ... :-) Many thanks for tip! =
  15. Just re-installed Emsisoft Internet Security (v12) As with earlier versions I intended to add MBAM and one or two other applications to the whitelist. Frankly though, this is more a kind of 'habit'/'tradition' so as to avoid possible conflicting issues, rather than that the applications were (or had indeed been) causing problems. In the previous versions the button resided under 'Protection'->'File Guard'. Has this option been removed? Surely it will be mentioned somewhere on the Emsisoft site or here. Have vainly been searching for it. The F1 Help->Index - search: whitelist - no hits. =
  16. Vainly searched for the license details for each product. No doubt I have been looking at the wrong places. Where can I find them? Reason for searching for the license details is that I have an unused older key for Emsisoft Mobile Security. Just learned a new version (v3) is available I intend to install that. Most probably... the validity of the key starts counting once it is actually being used, i.e. not starting from the day or purchase. That was/is the thing I wanted to read in the license details before installation. Failed to find them, so .. this posting. Thanks =
  17. Thanks a lot! JeremyNicoll suggested likewise. I wasn't aware of this 'extra information' on VirusTotal. That said, I followed EIS initial recommendation: quarantined the file. Only later I learned about the above, the VirusTotal comments. Let's see what happens: I don't see a way to, let's say 'un-quarantine' the file, i.e. having it restored so to say. See whether Google Drive will be auto-upgraded nonetheless. Anyway, thanks again. =
  18. Many thanks. Once one knows to which program it relates, it makes searching for a solution much easier... So, on https://goo.gl/mJCcyJ (Google Drive Help Forum, subject "invisible.vbs error") I found Google-rep comments: "That invisible.vbs is a file that is used to auto-upgrade Google Drive on your system. It is benign and will delete itself after the auto-upgrade of Google Drive is successful." Thanks again. =
  19. EIS v12 stumbled over a file named : invisible.vbs When checking out isthisfilesafe.com the file was reported to be safe (same hashcodes) When checking Internet it looks there are somewhat 'mixed' reports. what is correct? I have not installed anything. Revo Uninstaller shows the last updates were dated 30-10 Only Google drive was updated today (03-nov) but may that had to do with synchronizing? oh, btw, on the forum one has to search using quotes (when searching for strings like invisible.vbs on isthisfilesafe.com quotes are not necessary. http://www.isthisfilesafe.com/sha1/920AC866507E9D8DCE84D513AFEAEF2C9E120F4D_details.aspx =
  20. Im voraus: ich spreche kein Deutsch, werde es aber versuchen hier. @TomR @Shira hat euch keine Lizenz-Problemen wegen BestCrypt Container Encryption? Es sieht so aus(!) dass jedes Mal dass BestCrypt geoefnet wird, Emsisoft den container als neue Hardware betrachtet und die auch bei der, sag mal, 'Emsisoft Lizenz abstimmung' beruecksichtigt. Demzufolge bekomme ich jedes mal eine 'Emsisoft Internet Security - Change License' Fehlermeldung. Habe eine (sehr) ausführliche Korrespondenz mit Emsisoft support und hoffentlich gibt es bald ein Loesung. Weil bei mir funktioniert EIS nicht mehr, ich verwende jetzt ein anderes Produkt. Das Problem hat 99,9% sicher mit BestCrypt zu tun, also den virtual Drives. Die Frage is nur, hat euch vielleicht auch solche Problemen? (Die Kombination Emsisoft/BestCrypt ist ja nicht so ganz üblich...) =
  21. Yes, I know, emails may get lost. Regretfully though there was not a single response on my 5 mails.. , sent on 3 different days and using the correct email addresses, so I gave up on them. Maybe they were/are too busy with their organization or so, as they have been sold to Sophos. Don't get me wrong: I don't say their product isn't good, it may very well work fine for others. I dropped it: no support. =
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