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  1. @pezzy I don't know... EIS, MBAM are there as protection. Now maybe you just didn't run into malware, visited 'obscure' sites, so there no need for EIS or MBAM to take action and they are both there doing nothing (=protect you against .. nothing). This combo is running fine on my machine. Any program I download, I have it tested by EIS/MBAM and on top by VirusTotal. I also check Internet whether there are any 'reports'. This way I believe that I am taking reasonable steps to avoid infection. Sofar, the few cases where I downloaded stuff that included trojans, they were immediately quarantined by EIS, So for years now my pc remained clean. Sure, there are a lot of other programs out there claiming to keep you free from any malware. For me, I do appreciate a dedicated support forum, with developers joining the discussions where necessary. Like Emsisoft and Malwarebytes... =
  2. You are right, basically EIS would be sufficient - I have added a little extra (MBAM), but, admittedly, I don't know if on top this combo another tool is necessary (like MBAE). MBAM was highly recommended to me, some time ago. But I confess - EIS + MBAM or EIS + MBAE of EIS + MBAM + MBAE which combination would be the best, I wouldn't know... so, to avoid possible conflicts or slowdowns, I assumed... EIS/MBAM would be sufficient. This combo is doing fine and MBAM has an active dedicated forum. =
  3. "This license is valid for HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert" I bought a 3 PC - 3 Years license (eur.59.90) - having full confidence in the program. Definitely my mistake.
  4. I -had- HMP/HMPA installed alongside EIS. There were some weird things going on: another tool that I have been using for many years, suddenly changed into an 'unregistered/unlicensed' state. No matter how many times the license key was entered. It remained that way. Tried to solve this with the developer of that tool. After many attempts we gave up. They tried themselves on their system and confirmed the same issue. This and other matters I reported to Surfright but no response at all. Nothing... Even my question whether or not they would be inclined to refund the purchase price: no reaction. I dropped HMP/HMPA - disappointing experience with regards to support - money wasted - bad luck. Changed back to MBAM - at least they have an active, expert supported forum. my 2cts. =
  5. Same here. What to do ? Note the date (last scan) 1. Emsisoft Internet Security was already installed since September 2. Seems then that Defender worked upto Nov.15 3. AFAIK the Windows 10 update (1511 10586) was released on that date 4. It looks like from that point on Defender stopped = Meanwhile I am very sorry for the big screenshot... Is there no way to upload, or insert a screenshot as 'thumbnail' ? (Only to show full size after clicking on the thumbnail) thanks =
  6. What about the EIS+HMP+HMPA or would, in this scenario, HMP not be nessary? and will EIS+HMPA be the best solution? Thanks =
  7. Update: Am not enirely sure what has been changed in the Firewall, but after tagging "Enable beta updates" (Settings->Update) I am happy to see that the error has gone. The error: Mailwasher Pro : 'alert' in the the logfile "Socket Error 10022: An invalid argument was supplied". -
  8. I'd prefer not, to be honest. The error is new to me, whilst using two Internet Security suites, there were no issues. The program that is being launched is Mailwasherpro.exe = = I am also in contact with Mailwasher developer as I can see the a 1-line error that is logged in the log file of 1 email account (out of 3) in backups of previous logfiles there were no errors. waiting for their feedback.
  9. Hello, I have disabled the firewall (untag activate firewall), there is no error now. I have also removed protection rules (firewall still disabled), no error. Guess it is the firewall then... But how to solve this? -
  10. Further: 1. Protection-Application Rules: have added Mailwasher Pro.exe there (all allowed/all allowed, firewall in/out) 2. Protection-File Guard: have whitelisted all folders containing Mailwasher (Firetrust) stuff there and also additionally the Mailwasher.exe-file. Error still continues to exist. My guess is that this is caused: whilst using Norton - there was no problem. Thanks -
  11. I have installed a trial version of latest Emsisoft Internet Security. When launching Mailwasher Pro (Firetrust), there is an "Alert" in its logfile. There are no further issues, as far as I can see. Things seem to be working properly, as before. However, each time when Mailwasher is checking for new mail, it is showing this flashing 'Alert'-tab. Looking at the error it reads as follows: - Description: An unknown error has occurred. MailWasher is unable to determine the cause of this error. Diagnosis: <EVENT><NAME>MWPEXCEPTION</NAME><ID>8e76e58d78734736d331991937157c49</ID><DT>2014-11-11 07:24:47 </DT><MWPEXCEPTION><UID>Exception 3bd82bb836965161ba18e8572569f4e7 </UID><AID>Acct-1388461843 </AID><SOURCE>MWPfetch::FetchThread() </SOURCE><MESSAGE>SocketException - Socket::Destroy() - shutdown() failed with code 10022: An invalid argument was supplied. </MESSAGE><ADDXML></ADDXML></MWPEXCEPTION><ORDINAL>2</ORDINAL></EVENT> == This is new since installing EIS. I am using EIS using its default settings. System: Windows 7 x64 Thanks -
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