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  1. File is attached. virusinfo_syscheck.zip
  2. Operationally things are running smoother but Windows Update still just spins and spins. I'll let it run with a few updates overnight.
  3. text files, from two scans and one delete A_rk_BAF5.tmp.txt B_rk_5438.tmp.txt C_rk_CCE1.tmp.txt
  4. Looks like it created two reports, they are attached. RKreport_DEL_03232016_223227.rar
  5. Sorry, attached a text file that I generated with the tool. The file you referenced is attached here. Had to zip it as I got a message I wasn't permitted to upload this kind of file. RKreport_SCN_03222016_233028.zip
  6. Alright...so I ran this and then tried to open windows update. The update screen had a large reed X and showed no record of any previous updates and didn't indicate any updates were available. I clicked check for updates and it ran and ran without ever indicated that updates were available. When I look at "view update history" it does indicate that yesterday 7 "security update for NET.frameworks were successfully updated. Ideas on next steps?
  7. New scans attached. AdwCleanerC1.txt JRT.txt
  8. I have dozens of updates waiting to be completed. So I tried Windows Update last night with only five small updates and this morning it showed 0% downloaded. When I look in the windows/software distribution/download folder there are new file folders there from the download but it didn't work.
  9. Files are attached. Computer seems to be running much faster with fewer freeze ups. I am going to try to run Windows update again tonight and will add the results tomorrow morning. FRST.txt scan_160315-222234.txt
  10. Attached is fixlog file. Thanks Kevin. Fixlog.txt
  11. I have a Windows Home Edition running Win7 and have not been able to get windows update to work. I have been trying the many solutions that others post to solve this problem to no avail and many people recommended to scan for malware when the automatic updates do not occur. We have not noticed any pop-ups or other indicators of having a virus, Trojan or malware. I have scanned with other scanning tools. Attached are the results of the two scan tools. scan_160313-171300.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. OK, here we gpo again. From Myra's profile plus a few Norton notifications. After that I logged on and Norton came back with additional Powelik notifications on my profile. a2scan_141207-094124.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  13. This morning my wife logged on and Norton was very active with warnings again...they are attached.
  14. OK - from the wife's profile. One question, should I be running these scans without an active internet connection? AdwCleanerS0.txt JRT.txt
  15. HI Kevin, This is quite frustrating. Ran the tool and the log is attached. My wife's user profile is still quite slow and Norton immediately fired off the attached warnings (screenshots) plus the old PowerShell has stopped notice. Any new ideas as to how to rid ourselves of theses pests? Thanks, Peter Fixlog.txt
  16. Hi Kevin, Attached is the logfile from the program you indicated. I haven't yet checked Myra's login but will do so now. Thanks, Peter
  17. HI, My user profile seems fine. Myra's still seems a bit sluggish and these notices can==me after all the cleaning was complete. Attached are what Norton 360 and Windows says. To my read, these says that the "attack" originated from our P.C. but maybe I'm reading that wrong. Do these attacks represent, instead, that other computers are looking for their zombie (my PC) and can't connect to it anymore? Many websites seem to connect the Powershell issue to the Powelik - the error message still pops up every few minutes depending on what software is being used. Her user profile
  18. Ok Kevin, I went back and did the original scans as well - something doesn't seem to be working - her profile is still infected. The recent history file is a Norton report from her profile. Peter
  19. HI Kevin, I wish I could confirm that all is well. My wife reported that he login has continued to be non-functional; being sluggish, with many Windows error messages and Norton 360 scan messages. Even though I think (attached) scans done in her login looked good I witnessed my error messages and Norton attempting to block the malware. The system error "Powershell has stopped working" kept happening every few minutes and the system usage was through the roof. Any ideas on how this can be happening? We've rebooted many times and I did the wrap-up you recommended on her log
  20. OK Kevin, one more time! The "addition" box was checked so I'm adding that as a bonus file. Back to you.
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