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  1. Thank you Kevin ... really appreciate your help in cleaning this PC ....
  2. here are the logs for this round of scans. The EEK scan did not flag any problems files this time!
  3. Kevin, here's the most recent log per your last instructions. The machine is running much, much better at this time.
  4. I reran the FRST64 scans after placing old copies of scan logs into a folder ...
  5. OK, here are the results of the second scans ... it does not appear that an "addition.txt" file was generated.
  6. I ran the FRST64 as instructed and here is the log file.
  7. in anticipation of being asked to run adwcleaner and JRT, I've done that and here are the logs ...
  8. I've followed the directions in downloading and running the scan software and have attached the files. The PC in questions is running very slow and has many copies of the dllhost.exe running, as well as multiple copies of explorer running at times. Thank you in advance!!!
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