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  1. My system seems to be running fine. I completed the final steps as instructed. One question - do you think the malware could have been backed up onto my external hard drive? I performed a back up after thinking it had been removed by Norton Power Eraser. Many thanks for your help!
  2. Hi. I ran FRST64. Attached is the log. Thanks.
  3. Hello. My laptop was infected with what appears to be the Powelik trojan. Norton 360 full scan found nothing. Norton Power Eraser removed one item, but can't remember what it was. The computer shop removed Trojan Clicker JS. But the unauthorized access attempts keep coming. Now I'm here. I also backed up my files onto an external hard drive (Clickfree) in the middle of this infection (thought it had been taken care of by Norton Power Eraser). Does this malware now exist on the external hard drive too? Attached are my logs. Thanks very much for your help!
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