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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply, much appreciated.If you say its not connected with Emsisoft, that's good enough for me, I won't be connecting, or disconnecting anything to prove you right.
  2. I have Win 10 and using Edge, I am increasingly getting the above message ( TLS security etc) when trying to connect to some websites. I have tried recommended solutions by making adjustments in Internet Options, both in General and Security, neither have worked. Another suggested option relates to the problem coming from my "Anti Virus software". Is this likely and if so, what is the solution ?
  3. It seems that DPI for a PC screen should be PPI ?
  4. My resolution is 1920 x 1080 . I do not know what my DPI is (or even what DPI is ). Does 112 mean anything ? I won't change any of my Display settings just to fit this grid in, it is perfectly OK for all other uses. I will just remember to keep scrolling until I find it.
  5. Thank you for the solution. That option line is well out of sight on my PC under normal viewing, no where near where your screen capture shows . I had eight items in Quarantine and they were off the top of the page when I had to scroll down a long way to find those options.
  6. I have a number of files in the Quarantine area, all have subsequently been categorised as false alarms and I had the chance to reinstate them. Having no idea what they were I declined. Now I have decided to delete them, but when I highlight a file (as instructed) and right click on my mouse, I do not get the option to delete the file. There is no other delete option on the Quarantine page. I appreciate I can just leave them there and forget about them, but I am a tidy person.
  7. I have Firefox 62.0.3 and I downloaded Flash Player from the Adobe weblink in GT500's post dated 18th September. I initially reported this problem in tandem with the Trojan Alert, as they happened at exactly the same time. Now that the Trojan Alert has been deemed a "false positive" and therefore not part of the problem, I have assumed this is more a Firefox problem than an Emsisoft one. I will try to resolve any remaining issues with Firefox and thank the Emsisoft community for their assistance. If there is anything in the posted logs that necessitates some action by me, I expect someone will let me know.
  8. My main browser is Mozilla Firefox, I have Internet Explorer on my PC (came loaded) , but never use it. Firefox was hanging every time I tried to download Adobe Flash, or tried to play anything needing a Flash Player.
  9. I have been advised that my Malware issue is a "false positive" and has been corrected. The latest scan is clear. I am probably responsible for the "RTF" files, I couldn't find any saved files, so I cut and pasted the logs. My tech ability is minus, on a scale of 1 to 10 . The fact I can turn the PC on amazes me.
  10. I tried disabling Shockwave Flash in my Firefox AddOns and the PC is operating quite correctly now. I have no idea what the significance is , or the reasoning behind this, but as all seems to be OK I am satisfied, I appreciate the support from Emsisoft, as usual.
  11. Here are the logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. I have a FRST log which I was told to get yesterday on this thread, Do I post the log here ? Is it the FRST Log, or FRST Addition, or both , you require ?
  13. A Malware scan shows clear now. Is a False Positive a detection error of the scan ?
  14. I have run the scans you asked for. Do I start a new thread entitled "Logs", or something similar, or do I copy and paste the logs on this thread. ? I notice other members have posted a blue link to their logs, I do not know how to do this.
  15. Moved to correct section, "Help my PC is infected.....".