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  1. Yes, I appreciate what you say, but as the Defender notice referred to an "app", I assumed it meant something I had installed/downloaded knowingly.
  2. Update. I did mean Windows Defender, sorry for the slip. Nothing happening today, no Defender notifications. I did a full Emsisoft scan and a Defender scan, both clear. Late yesterday I did remove a file I had downloaded early yesterday morning, on the basis it was the only new thing on my PC on the day. I did scan the file with Emsisoft and Defender, both saying "no suspicious items", but its been quiet since I removed it, so who knows. Hopefully this issue is now dead, but I will post again if it returns.
  3. Update. A full Emsisoft Malware scan found nothing. I am getting Defender warning messages almost hourly, referring to the same occamyaa "app".me . A "quick scan" on Defender then reports, "no threats detected". I appreciate the issue seems to be with Defender, but does anyone have a clue whats happening ?
  4. Bit Defender has advised me twice in 3 hours today that I have this "app" and it is suggested I go through the process of removing it. This entails Defender scanning, identifying and removing. Emsisoft never identified this "app" and on the second notification I did a Emsisoft Malware scan before allowing Defender to remove it, nothing was found by the Emsisoft scan, but then Defender scanned and reported they had removed it. I would comment that I get a Defender comment about once a year. Any comments ?
  5. I cleared the cache via Edge settings as suggested and was immediately able to log in to MyEmsisoft. I have CCleaner installed and run it when I log off at night, it is supposed to clear the internet cache, but obviously its not working very well. I note there is the option in Edge settings to run the clean up when switching off, so I think I will activate that and see how it goes. Thanks for all the help and advice from everyone, it really is appreciated
  6. I have Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 HTML 18.18363 , I have not intentionally downloaded Chromium Edge. I have three extensions on Edge, they are, Emsisoft Browser Security, U Block Origin, and IDM Integration Module. Turning them off individually, or in combinations, makes no difference to my inability to access MyEmsisoft with the Edge browser.
  7. I have received an email from Claude suggesting my access/security code problem could be due to my browser (I am using Edge -like half the world- in Win10) I downloaded Firefox and got access straightaway. I have inserted my new licence code and now see it all displayed valid until May 2022. It also asks me to download a file entitled , EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebsetup_c3749959_etc, and install it. I am not sure if I need to do this, or just allow Emsisoft Updates to deal with my current software. Problem part resolved, but I am convinced its a problem that should not have ex
  8. To access MyEmsisoft I l got to https://my.emsisoft.com/login and log in, there is no other option then but to insert the security code that will be emailed to me. As I have stated repeatedly, when I insert the security code and click on Verify, the loading wheel just spins and spins and I get no further.
  9. I have received an email from Claude at Emsisoft and he has confirmed that my subscription has been renewed and the reason that nothing is showing at my end could be that the system is still updating itself. He asked that I run through the security code /wheel of death experience with him, which I have done and await his comment.
  10. I have tried logging in to that link ( and again now) and still get the wheel of death after inserting the emailed security code. I will send an email direct to the sales team. What is the obsession withy fixing things that ain't broke. Why do I need this security code to log into Emsisoft, its not Fort Knox ? Too many Developers sitting around with nothing to do, if they are that idle I have a fence they can come and paint.
  11. To contact Sales I have to log in and then verify with the emailed security code number, welcome to the wheel of death.☹️
  12. I did not know I was on an automated renewal system, if so, its not by choice. Before I "renewed" my subscription there was a "licence ends in xxxdays" on the EAM page somewhere, but its no longer there. I hoped this meant that the renewal had gone through, but I have no other way of checking. I will contact Sales and ask for the amendment.
  13. When I click on Details, the only reference to licence is; The "Plan" which states Emisoft Home Anti Malware and "active subscription". I can also click to " Change licence " and "manage subscription". That is all. If you go to my original post you will see what happened when I selected the "change" and "manage" options.
  14. I have been over this process many times in the last couple of days and the sticking point is always the verification of emailed security code (at log in). Insert the code , click on "Verify" and the wheel of death just spins and spins. Longest I left it was over 20 mins and still no progress, just kept spinning. On a different note, I am sure that the licence number for the software use to be displayed somewhere. That appears to have been stopped.
  15. Thanks for responding, I have gone over the procedure a few times, read the confirmatory email carefully and followed instructions, but nothing is changing. I would add that the confirmatory email, with the new licence code, is really aimed toward new customers and not existing customers renewing, in fact renewing is not mentioned at all.
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