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  1. I have installed Firefox (ain't it fast) and I can view that website with no problems at all. Rather than continue digging in Edge, I will just change browsers. Adios Amigos.
  2. I appreciate all the input. I am now convinced that it is not anything to do with Emsisoft, so I won't clog up the Forum any longer.🙂. I have only three other extensions on Edge and I have disconnected them all one at a time and it makes no difference. Later today I will install Firefox and see what happens.
  3. The Repair hasn't changed anything, I will have to think about the Reset option, its not something I am keen on. I am convinced that the image wants to open and I have indicated that it is partly loaded for a couple of seconds before it disappears. Something blocks it. I do not get an option to enable AFP and no option shows if I right click on the page. Being able to get it on my tablet , with the same Edge/Win10 setup, is also confusing.
  4. I did clear Edge cache and cookies, but have yet to think about the Repair option. I reset a PC many years ago and lost so much important stuff it put me off fiddling around too much. I am going to keep trying to find what it is in Edge on my PC that is blocking the image. As I said earlier, it works fine on a tablet with Win 10 and Edge , so it must be something specific to this PC. Its really strange how this website and other similar ones, briefly appear to load and then blank out. There has to be a "settings" answer there somewhere.
  5. marko, I did notice your post and I tried downloading Chrome, but it still didn't work. Interestingly, I tried accessing the link you posted and at first nothing happened, but on about the third or fourth try the site started to open and I got the Privacy Notice, which I "accepted", the site appeared to be about to open normally, I saw a second or two of the layout and then suddenly there was the blank blue screen again. It has to be something on my PC blocking these images, it may not be anything to do with Adobe. UPDATE _ I have installed Internet Explorer and it works fine. So it has to do with Edge.
  6. What software are you using to view the display on that site ? I downloaded Chrome and still could not access the image. I had already checked with Edge Advanced Settings that Adobe was turned on (and it was). So it seems as though the problem is with my PC, not to EAM or AFP. The strange thing is that the image was available up to a few days ago and for over 18 months prior to that. Other website with the same information/image are also blank to me. I live overlooking the English Channel (at its narrowest point), not knowing what ships are passing in the night is frustrating.🙂 Thanks for your interest in my problem.
  7. I have Edge as my browser (standard in Win10), up until a few days ago this website (English Channel shipping traffic) operated perfectly on my laptop. Now the image does not appear. I am aware that some browsers (like Opera) allow AFB and others usually make you "allow" each time. On a tablet I have with Win10 and Edge as the browser, the image appears perfectly. I then considered that the tablet does not have Emsisoft installed and I have not downloaded on it the Microsoft update that came out a few days ago. So, either the Microsoft update has affected my PC and AFB, or Emsisoft has. Hence my question.
  8. Is there any conflict between Emsisoft and Adobe Flash Player ? I have no evidence to think there is, but I am having problems with playing screens that need AFP on Win10 . It is "turned on" in Settings, but screens that use to play have now stopped and I am not getting an "allow AFP" option. Just going through a process of elimination.
  9. Hi, thanks for the info, I am opted out of automatic loading of Previews in Win 10. The Emsisoft version is 2019.9.0.9753 . I do have the Emsisoft browser extension and its turned on. All things are still normal, so I will assume that it was just a blip, but the length of time and the almost total paralysis of my PC was alarming me. As I said before the only CPU user was Emsisoft at 96%, that is a bit extreme. Thanks again.
  10. Its back to normal now. All my updates are automatic and I am fully uptodate. When the slow effect started I checked Task Master and the CPU was running Emsisoft at 96%, nothing much else was running. Just checked it now and its down to 0.4%. The "slowness " lasted about an hour.
  11. I have the latest version, whatever that is, I think there was a big update today. Windows 10, Edge browser , what is the browser extension ? Still slow
  12. My PC is very slow , its taken me about 4-5 minutes to open this page. Checked Task Manager and CPU is 96% on Emsisoft. Why ?
  13. Thanks for the prompt reply, much appreciated.If you say its not connected with Emsisoft, that's good enough for me, I won't be connecting, or disconnecting anything to prove you right.
  14. I have Win 10 and using Edge, I am increasingly getting the above message ( TLS security etc) when trying to connect to some websites. I have tried recommended solutions by making adjustments in Internet Options, both in General and Security, neither have worked. Another suggested option relates to the problem coming from my "Anti Virus software". Is this likely and if so, what is the solution ?