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  1. I do not mean as soon as I turn the machine on, but usually within the first two hours, sometimes a bit later. I only suggested this as other uses of my resource, as I have already said I do not have loads of tabs open, or download things constantly. My conclusion is that its Emsisoft that is the problem, not my normal use of my laptop. If it returns and causes problems I will go to manual updates and rely on the MS antimalware to pick up any slack. I do appreciate your advice JN.
  2. The slow down/seize up issue usually arrives at the first morning update, it is set for 1 hour intervals , soon after I start the laptop. Its possible that other things are also updating at that time. Most of my updates are set for automatic update, including Microsoft. My point is that if Emsisoft senses that my resource is very busy, it should recognise the Silent Mode selection and update later, when resource is available. The fact that it turns it on and off to suit itself seems odd. Why have the option if its ignored. Although, as I stated earlier, both Silent Modes have been selected, but there is still not any arcade icon on the Emsisoft shield on my taskbar.
  3. Both Notifications and Updates are turned on and show as, "don't run updates" and "don't show notifications" respectively, in Silent Mode. I don't pretend to understand all the technical detail , but using basic commonsense, as I am the customer, shouldn't the Emsisoft system recognise that I am using "resource" and not overide the Silent Mode instructions to interfere with my use of those resources (which I need at the time). Why doesn't it try again later, when my PC will be on, but idle. That might be a very naive, simple question, but it is fair. If it didn't priories its use of my resource, I wouldn't get the slow down and "not responding" messages, on anything I am trying to do. Perhaps I should come off automatic updates and have a manual update at a quiet time of the day. Is that an option ?
  4. I have never noticed the arcade game character over the EAM taskbar icon. "Don't run silent mode" is activated in Settings now and there is no icon on the EAM taskbar icon.
  5. Thanks for the comment SPD. Looking through Emsisoft sections, I note in Settings that, "Don't run in silent mode" is ticked, it then states that this "prevents interruptions in resource intensive games or applications". Despite this selection being made manually, in the logs it shows silent mode being enabled and disabled automatically. Could this system override be contributing to the "interruptions" I get? If not, how can a manual selection be overridden ?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a try next time I have an issue.
  7. Quarantine file is always kept empty.
  8. My laptop has 8gb RAM installed and shows 7.46gb "usable". Task Manager Memory is at 45%, top user Edge at 204mb, next is Emsisoft at 198mb, everything else is between 0 and 30mb. Microsoft Edge is my browser and when browsing I only have one tab open.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have just checked and "Memory Use Optimisation" is not ticked in Advance Settings . The settings are probably all default, I don't tend to interfere with things.
  10. I have mentioned in the past that Emsisoft updates (when I am using the PC) sometimes seem to slow my PC down to almost a halt. Although the logs show the updates taking only a second or two, the after effect seems to last longer, today it was about 10 minutes, I even restarted to lose it. Nothing else is running, apart from general browsing, when this happens. My settings show, automatic updates turned on, intervals set at 1 hour and "don't run automatic updates in silent mode" box is ticked. Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening ? Please don't ask me to post logs, etc., thats above my pay grade.
  11. Update. This morning I have just realised, that after getting the Microsoft popup asking me to use my recommended browser settings and choosing not to, Bing seems to have stopped taking over Google. Google is appearing as my Home Page and default Search engine, Bing only appears if I have Google open and select a New Tab (as usual ). Perhaps Microsoft have relented, or I am just lucky.
  12. Thanks for the information, its much appreciated. I was concerned that I had some sort of "browser hacker", as that was the only option I found after searching Google. Hopefully Microsoft will correct their wrong doings as I quite like Edge. Would moving to Google Chrome as a browser stop Bing's intrusions ?
  13. Additional info, I downloaded Malwarebytes and initiated a full scan, that found nothing either. Bing's behaviour is continuing and my pop up blocker is showing large numbers of pop up attempts on almost every page. Thing get back to normal when I search via Google.
  14. PC, Windows 10, Edge Chrome . I have Google as my Home Page and default search engine. In the last 2 days Bing is over riding Google. The settings are still set as Google default and I have even "deleted" Bing from my possible search engines, but I can't stop Bing taking over. I have just run an Emsisoft Malware Scan and it hasn't found anything. Any (not too technical ) suggestions, please ? Any
  15. Thanks for the advice, I have deleted all the items in my Quarantine folder, there were eight. It sounds as though this should help. I think the matter is now closed.
  16. Thank you for your very interrogative and curt post, I am sorry my "complaint is extremely vague". Please ignore my comments, I do not need that kind of attitude. I will turn off automatic updates and just check weekly.
  17. I have mentioned this issue before. At 8.13am today my PC locked up, nothing was responding, even Task Manager. It seemed to free up at 8.16am , but ran slow for a few more minutes. Upon checking I noted an Emsisoft update at 8.13 am. Coincidence , I doubt it. No other updates I receive, unapproved, do this, why can't Emsisoft make updates available and we install them at the first opportunity, not jam up my PC when I am halfway through something.
  18. Yes, I appreciate what you say, but as the Defender notice referred to an "app", I assumed it meant something I had installed/downloaded knowingly.
  19. Update. I did mean Windows Defender, sorry for the slip. Nothing happening today, no Defender notifications. I did a full Emsisoft scan and a Defender scan, both clear. Late yesterday I did remove a file I had downloaded early yesterday morning, on the basis it was the only new thing on my PC on the day. I did scan the file with Emsisoft and Defender, both saying "no suspicious items", but its been quiet since I removed it, so who knows. Hopefully this issue is now dead, but I will post again if it returns.
  20. Update. A full Emsisoft Malware scan found nothing. I am getting Defender warning messages almost hourly, referring to the same occamyaa "app".me . A "quick scan" on Defender then reports, "no threats detected". I appreciate the issue seems to be with Defender, but does anyone have a clue whats happening ?
  21. Bit Defender has advised me twice in 3 hours today that I have this "app" and it is suggested I go through the process of removing it. This entails Defender scanning, identifying and removing. Emsisoft never identified this "app" and on the second notification I did a Emsisoft Malware scan before allowing Defender to remove it, nothing was found by the Emsisoft scan, but then Defender scanned and reported they had removed it. I would comment that I get a Defender comment about once a year. Any comments ?
  22. I cleared the cache via Edge settings as suggested and was immediately able to log in to MyEmsisoft. I have CCleaner installed and run it when I log off at night, it is supposed to clear the internet cache, but obviously its not working very well. I note there is the option in Edge settings to run the clean up when switching off, so I think I will activate that and see how it goes. Thanks for all the help and advice from everyone, it really is appreciated
  23. I have Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 HTML 18.18363 , I have not intentionally downloaded Chromium Edge. I have three extensions on Edge, they are, Emsisoft Browser Security, U Block Origin, and IDM Integration Module. Turning them off individually, or in combinations, makes no difference to my inability to access MyEmsisoft with the Edge browser.
  24. I have received an email from Claude suggesting my access/security code problem could be due to my browser (I am using Edge -like half the world- in Win10) I downloaded Firefox and got access straightaway. I have inserted my new licence code and now see it all displayed valid until May 2022. It also asks me to download a file entitled , EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebsetup_c3749959_etc, and install it. I am not sure if I need to do this, or just allow Emsisoft Updates to deal with my current software. Problem part resolved, but I am convinced its a problem that should not have existed in the first place. I accept its imperative to protect your customers, but not to make processes customer unfriendly. If access to MyEmsisoft does not work with Edge as the browser, why not tell us, or make your software so it does ?
  25. To access MyEmsisoft I l got to https://my.emsisoft.com/login and log in, there is no other option then but to insert the security code that will be emailed to me. As I have stated repeatedly, when I insert the security code and click on Verify, the loading wheel just spins and spins and I get no further.
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