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  1. Explained here: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/zonealarm-firewall-release-is-15-159-17147.392124/#post-2655799 Main difference with ZAPRO: With ZAfree you can't open specific ports or create ad-hoc rules for apps.
  2. Possibly just due to Emsisoft updating to a new version. Normally this is just few seconds. Can you check if you still see Emsisoft tray icon in the taskbar. You may need to go in the taskbar to show it.
  3. Offline mode

    In simple terms you cut off any internet/network connections. From the help file:
  4. Open EIS main GUI. Go to "Protection" tab and then: File Guard --> PUP Detection --> choose your preferred behaviour Surf Protection --> PUP Host --> choose your preferred behaviour
  5. Thanks! The false positive is triggered when you try to download the emsisoft installers. For example this link; https://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/internetsecurity/download/
  6. And here you have the Asus response... i.e. you are vulnerable I give up on my side. Cheers,
  7. Thank you on the details of the servers used. I have reported the false positive to ASUS, lets see what happens...
  8. Normally they direct users to TrendMicro but I have not contacted them. The fact is that I see no impact on EIS... was just for your information in case you see weird report on connectivity from users.
  9. Interesting, clearly a false positive by TrendMicro in Asus Routers. Tried to report to trend but the reporting interface does not recognise the URL as malicious.
  10. Meanwhile the automatic AV updates have resumed and work as expected...
  11. Hi! I had a strange BSOD caused by epp.sys on kernel just after having clean reinstalled EIS. See attached mini-dump. This is with EIS build 6131, Windows 10 64bit and MBAE as the only other security tool installed. EIS seems not updating automatically... "last update 9 hours ago"... Thanks, Fax 022016-13250-01.zip
  12. weird, should those logs be ticked to be sent? I have ticked on all of them but then the sending was indeed too fast. Anyway, I have installed the new version 6054 and so far I could not replicate the issue. If it will happen again I will forward the logs. Thanks,